earth poetry
  e a r t h p o e t r y

10 February 2004

sunrise : 7:14am
sunset : 5:36pm
day length : 10h 22m
moonset : 9:35am
moonrise : 10:40pm
moonphase: waning gibbous..19 days


Evening Ride

The world lay still and clear like a long mural
And we who watched were all that moved and we
Could overlook that we ourselves were moving.

There was no wind to flaw the level sunlight
And the long shadows lying on the hills
And the chimney smoke pale blue on the deep blue air.

Three children by the roadside stopped their play
To gaze. A woman sewing on her porch
Paused with lifted needle in her hand.

Two farmers with a load of hay half loaded
Stood with their pitchforks idle as we passed.
Even a dog looked and forgot to bark.

The road was always upward. Now it was day,
Now twilight and now day again. Now warm,
Now cool. We felt the cool grow ever cooler.

Woodsmoke was in the air, late supper cooking,
Fragrance of new mown hay and ancient woods
And evening vines in sudden deep ravines.

We reached the summit but only after the sun
Had gone. The road beyond dipped down to darkness
While higher hills on either hand were bright

~Robert Francis


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  F A C T S

:: 42.16 lat -122.62 long
:: zone 7
:: elevation 1374

  O U T S I D E  T H E  W I N D O W

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:: Winter Hazel
Corylopsis sp


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