Web Site Dedicated to Novelist Erskine Caldwell

From The (Newnan, Georgia) Times-Herald, July 25, 1998

Web Site Dedicated to Novelist Erskine Caldwell

By W. Winston Skinner

Assistant News Editor

Erskine Caldwell, whose birthplace is now a museum in Moreland, is the topic of a new web site put together by his stepson, Drew Fletcher.

Fletcher's site has several pages which include a biography of the Coweta-born author, a section on six of his best-known novels, a list of 24 short stories that are considered among Caldwell's best, a page on his non-fiction, a page on stage and screen adaptations of Caldwell's work, and a complete list of everything he published and a resource page.

"I was trying to think of some way to rekindle an appreciation of Erskine Caldwell. I think, in this day and age, a page on the World Wide Web would probably be the best I could do," said Fletcher, who lives in Ashland, Ore.

Fletcher's memories of Caldwell, who married his mother Virginia in 1957, are pleasant. "He just led a quiet routine that was based around his writing. His writing always came first," Fletcher said.

"Basically, weekdays he would write all day and take a break for lunch and getting the mail. I think he might have written on weekends unless we had something to do," Fletcher said.

Fletcher's page is linked to The Erskine Caldwell Birthplace and Museum page, which is maintained by the Times-Herald. "I'll probably be expanding it and adding to it. I don't think it's the final page," Fletcher said.

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