The Complete Caldwell

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"Just to TYPE that much, let alone WRITE." - - Truman Capote


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The Bastard (1929)
Poor Fool (1930)
Tobacco Road (1932)
God's Little Acre (1933)
Journeyman (1935)
Trouble in July (1940)
All Night Long (1942)
Georgia Boy (1943)
Tragic Ground (1944)
A House in the Uplands (1946)
The Sure Hand of God (1947)
This Very Earth (1948)
A Place Called Estherville (1949)
Episode in Palmetto (1950)
A Lamp for Nightfall (1952)
Love and Money (1954)
Gretta (1955)
Claudelle Inglish (1958)
Jenny by Nature (1961)
Close to Home (1962)
The Last Night of Summer (1963)
Miss Mamma Aimee (1967)
Summertime Island (1968)
The Weather Shelter (1969)
The Earnshaw Neighborhood (1971)
Annette (1973)

Short Story Anthologies

American Earth (1931)
We Are the Living (1933)
Kneel to the Rising Sun and Other Stories (1935)
Southways (1938)
Jackpot: The Stories of Erskine Caldwell (1940)
Stories by Erskine Caldwell (1944) Edited by Henry Seidel Canby
The Caldwell Caravan: Novels and Stories (1946)
The Humorous Side of Erskine Caldwell (1951) Edited by Robert Cantwell
The Courting of Susie Brown (1952) Introduction by Erskine Caldwell
Complete Stories of Erskine Caldwell (1953) Published in 1996 as The Stories of Erskine Caldwell
Gulf Coast Stories (1956)
Certain Women (1957)
When You Think of Me (1959)
Men and Women (1961) Introduction by Carvel Collins
Stories of Life: North & South (1983) Chosen by Edward Connery Lathem
The Black and White Stories of Erskine Caldwell (1984) Selected by Ray McIver
The Stories of Erskine Caldwell (1996) Originally published in 1953 as The Complete Stories of Erskine Caldwell


The Sacrilege of Alan Kent (1936)

General Nonfiction

Tenant Farmers (1935)
Some American People (1935)
Moscow Under Fire: A Wartime Diary (1942)
All-Out on the Road to Smolensk (1942)
Writing in America (1967)

Travel and Observation

Afternoons in Mid-America: Observation and Impression (1976) Illustrated by Virginia Caldwell
Around About America (1964) Illustrated by Virginia Caldwell

Memory and Recollection

In Search of Bisco (1965)
In the Shadow of the Steeple (1967) Published as Deep South in 1968
Deep South: Memory and Observation (1968) Published as In the Shadow of the Steeple in 1967


Call It Experience: The Years of Learning How to Write (1951)
With All My Might: An Autobiography (1987)

Text-Picture Books With Margaret Bourke-White

You Have Seen Their Faces (1937)
North of the Danube (1939)
Say! Is This the USA (1941)
Russia at War (1942)

Children's Books

Molly Cottontail (1958)
The Deer at Our House (1966)

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