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"I thought he should have won the Nobel Prize" - - Saul Bellow in a letter to Virginia Caldwell


Call It Experience: The Years of Learning How to Write (1951)

In Search of Bisco (1965)

Deep South: Memory and Observation (1968) Published in 1967 as In the Shadow of the Steeple

With All My Might (1987)


Klevar, Harvey L., Erskine Caldwell: A Biography (1993)
Caldwell's life from beginning to end.

Miller, Dan B., Erskine Caldwell: The Journey from Tobacco Road (1994)
Focuses on the first 50 years of Caldwell's life.


Arnold, Edwin T., Conversations with Erskine Caldwell (1988)
32 interviews with various publications, arranged chronologically.

Arnold, Edwin T., Erskine Caldwell Reconsidered (1990)
Essays and interviews by leading Caldwell scholars

Cook, Sylvia Jenkins, Erskine Caldwell and the Fiction of Poverty (1991)
The most comprehensive treatment of Caldwell's work.

Devlin, James E., Erskine Caldwell (1984)
A generally negative assessment of the author's work.

Korges, James, Erskine Caldwell (1969)
Makes the case for Caldwell's lasting literary achievement.

Lindberg, Stanley W., The Legacy of Erskine Caldwell (1989)
A starting place for study.

McDonald, Robert L., Reading Erskine Caldwell: New Essays (2006)

McDonald, Robert L., Erskine Caldwell: Selected Letters, 1929-1955 (1999)
Letters linked together with illuminating commentary by the editor.

McDonald, Robert L., The Critical Response to Erskine Caldwell (1997)
A chronnological selection of reviews and essays.

MacDonald, Scott, Critical Essays on Erskine Caldwell (1981)
Reviews, essays and newspaper articles.

Mixon, Wayne, The People's Writer (1995)
Focuses on Caldwell's early work as it portrays social injustice in the American South.

Library Collections

Dartmouth College
Baker Library
Houses the largest collection of original Caldwell manuscripts

University of Georgia
Hargrett Rare Book Collection
One of the more extensive collections of Caldwell's books, correspondence, and related materials.

University of Virginia
Alderman Library
C. Waller Barret Collection

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