Really Being With You

Photo of Moshe Ross     Welcome to you, fellow seeker. My wife Hava and I have studied in a number of traditions; since 1979 we have practiced spiritual healing and taught contemplative inquiry, a form of meditation. Our teacher was Lorraine Sinkler, editor of many books by the mystic Joel S. Goldsmith.
     We have slowly developed our own approach, based upon Sacred Relationship within Oneness, which is explained here in the book, Really Being With You.
Love, Peace and Joy
April, 2005

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     The best way to contact us is by phone, at 541-488-2571, either on weekends (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) or on weekday evenings about 6 to 9 pacific time.
     Otherwise you might e-mail us, at moshava1, which is (Please put Being in the subject line.)

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