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Gary Harper | gary~DOT~harper~AT~harperhaus~DOT~com
Hi Jasper, passing by again and thought I'd say hello; I'm sure you and Tucker are pretty good friends by now;As you already know, we have had a lot of Schips leave suddenly since I spoke with you last; So many of our friends have lost their loved Schips to every cause imaginable; I try to tell Tucker every day that we will be there at the bridge as soon as we are done here at this location;I have promised him, and myself to live my life to the fullest as God might plan for me;That way I come clean to the bridge; I look forward to holding my Tucker and meeting all the new friends you guys have made;Thank you for waiting for us,I will not forget;I must continue tonight's journey Jasper,thanks for being here; Gary
11 April 2012 - Ramona,CA
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20 February 2012
gina burgess | ginaburgess~DOT~violin~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Gently Warrior really touched me; Thank you so much! love and blesses Gina
4 February 2012 - Halifax Nova Scotia
Eddie | eddietbrennan~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hi; Found your site when doing a google search for 'Gentle Warrior'; Liked your poem a lot; Sorry to see your dog Jasper died; My own dog, Flint (a border collie) is my version of your Jasper, so I know how close a dog and his human get;
9 January 2012 - Scotland
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15 December 2011
Angie | awymetalek~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
My sweet Bernese Mt; Dog, Junior is resting in the hills above Quartzville, OR; he had a happy life with his kids and his big people; he has been gone since May 29,2010 and we all miss him dearly especially his boy; (Jr passed away the day befor his human boy's 10th birhtday) It was so very sad; JR would go rock hunting with us as well; your story did my heart good and brought a tear to my eye and a squeeze in my heart for our old buddy; Thank You;
3 October 2011 - Sweet Home , Oregon
Gary Harper | Gary~DOT~harper~AT~harperhaus~DOT~com
Hi Jasper, just stopped by for a quick visit,missing my Tucker a bit more than usual today; Have you had a chance to meet him yet? I know you would like each other; If you see tuvk at the bridge please say hi to him from me, tell him I'm coming to the bridge for him and the rest of our pack; There is a little puppy here now named Black Pearl, just as onrey as he was at 8 mo; old; She will be coming with us when we are all together again; Oh yeah, Tori and the boy's miss him to and would say hello as well; I'm sure there are many others too; I't a nice day to run and play so I'll let you go now; God bless you Jasper; Gary
13 March 2011 - San Diego
Holly Bute | hmcdbute~AT~cccomm~DOT~net
I have both shed a tear and smiled whilst reading about Jasper; You two had a very special bond, that's sure and one I beleive won't ever be broken; You touched my heart;
13 February 2011 - Fallon, NV
Gary Harper | gary~DOT~harper~AT~harperhaus~DOT~com
Jasper's page is a wonderful place for me to begin my journey to find Rainbow Bridge and my friend Tucker; It looks like I will be bringing others with me as well; Pearl has decided to accompany me on the trip; Thankyou you Jim and Jasper for helping me, you have no idea how much you have given;but knowing Schips, I'm sure they have a plan;
28 January 2011 - San Diego California
Karen | kandm25~AT~sbcglobal~DOT~net
Jasper you were one well-loved fellow, and Jim you gave him the best of everything;
24 September 2010 - Nor Cal

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