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Alma M; Geib | ggfarms~AT~inreach~DOT~com
I am looking for a small male schipperke to breed to my Tinkerbell; If you know of someone please reply; Thank you
19 March 2004 - Gazelle , CA
Honey-Due | honey-due~AT~centurytel~DOT~net
Hi Jasper and James, what a great site you have, I love reading poetry even though I can't write it, I was looking for some poems to put on some anniversary pages I make for a group I belong to so thought I'd stop in and I'm glad I did;
19 March 2004 - Wisconsin , USA
Amanda | amanda1b~AT~earthlink~DOT~net
I really love your poems; They have given me a lot of inspiration, I also love to write poetry; Your Vietnam poems were especially good, I have been interested in the war, and the men who fought in it; The men who fought for us; My third cousin was in Vietnam, and he was shot down on a rescue mission in 1970; He was only 23; When I read the war letters, I get a sense of what he was feeling, being seperate from his wife and four children; I did not know him, but I wish I did;
19 March 2004 - California, USA
Lee Andresen | Battlenotes~DOT~com~AT~aol~DOT~com | battlenotes;com
I'm the author of "Battlenotes: the Music of the Vietnam War;" Thats how I knew about the Arlene Harden song, "Congratulations;" If you can't find it I can send you a tape; Do you live near Mt; Shasta? My brother in law, Dr; Timothy Seidlitz lives in Dunsmeir;
19 March 2004 - Superior ,Wisconsin 54880
Harriet | sardeman~AT~wanadoo~DOT~nl | harriet;s;tripod;com/
Your poetry is most beautiful; I will be back to read more; Blessings to you and your's
19 March 2004 - The Hague , Netherlands
Larry | larry~DOT~ridgway~AT~gsa~DOT~gov
Your site is nice
19 March 2004 - Pittsburgh , PA, USA
JudyE | judy~AT~egogahan~DOT~com | egogahan;com
Hi Jim! Thank you for your invitation to your wonderful site - I will be coming back to read more; I found the Vietnam poetry and am very moved by it - having lost my fiance' James Vance to that war; I hope that we stay in touch; May God bless you and your family always; Sincerely, Judy
19 March 2004 - Orange County , California, USA
a | a-ramso~AT~online~DOT~no
19 March 2004 - rissa, Norway
Cathlyn | leftyforty4~AT~earthlink~DOT~net
Iíve spent a considerable amount of time at your site, and I am very touched--- especially by the poems and letters from Nam; I have two brothers who are veterans of that absurd and pointless war; Vietnam changed mine and all of my familyís life as well forever -- in so many ways, I donít have enough paper to write about it; I intend to read all of your work; Thank you for giving me the opportunity to indulge in your creativity and sensitivity; Sincerely, Cathlyn
19 March 2004 - Jefferson , Texas, USA
Tommy C; | tescru~AT~home~DOT~com
Hello James, I am also a poetry writer; I enjoyed your deep works very much! I can see you have good poetry; I invite you to my site; Just click on the banner; I also have a one for one banner exchange; Drop by, I think we have a lot to talk about; Tommy
19 March 2004 - Nashville , Tn

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