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faerybee | faerybee~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hi there;;just wanted to say i love your stuff i think it is really good;;;

happy sparlkes and faery kisses
12 November 2004 - england
Sharon Reece | dashr33~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
We love Schipperkes; We have one named BatBat; She runs the show at our house; We love her! She is a little girl; She is 10yr old;
10 November 2004 - Reidsville NC
hi and bye
31 August 2004
Sharon Enemark | Deenie689~AT~aol~DOT~com
I love your site!! We adopted our first Schip from our vet in February, 2004; He turned one year old yesterday (6-12-04)We'd never heard of Schips before we got him but sure wish we had; He's our adorable, mischievous, loving "demon dog" and we wouldn't trade him for the world - even when I spend an hour picking up tiny bits of paper he's "played with" on the floor :o* From all I've read on the internet he's completely normal;
13 June 2004 - 40 miles south of Chicago Loop
silvia grimm | www;silvias-pudel;de
hello,great website,good luck from germany,silvia,bernd and poodles;
20 May 2004
Els | Elskeonline77~AT~tiscali~DOT~be | www;geocities;com/mysweetboo_03
Nice site!
Me and my Schip Boo hope we might welcome you to Boo's site some day;
Els and Boo
16 April 2004 - Belgium
Amber Lynn Varner | hbk2scm~AT~charter~DOT~net
My dad is in your Rand R photos;;I wanted to thank you for them;;;he wont talk about it much;;
31 March 2004 - kentucky but originally from san diego california
James Smith | sirjames~AT~mind~DOT~net | id;mind;net/~sirjames
A message about this Guestbook, Jasper and I thank you for leaving your message; We had trouble with the software running the Guestbook and had to rebuild the data files and reinstall the Guestbook using other software;
All the dates were lost in the change over, so all the posts before this one have the wrong date( they are all the same);From this one forward they should be correct;
Thanks again for coming
19 March 2004 - Ashland, Oregon, USA
Bill Heckelsberg | heck~AT~ccrtc~DOT~com
I was with the 2/18 Co A 1st Div from 1964 to 1966; I rotated out of Nam in July of 66; I have just started to fine some of the men I served with; Good luck and God Bless
19 March 2004 - Bowling Green , IN
Shelia Self | smself~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
The site is very nice; Iloved the poem about Tuffy; Our schip is 14 now but still energetic sometimes; We love her very much; I will return to your site agains;
19 March 2004 - Van Buren ,Arkansas

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