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Jo Ann Foresee | 555foresee~AT~charter~DOT~net

Hi, we bought one of your pups in 1985 I believe, from a couple in Ashland that couldn't keep her; (Tiffany) She lived 18 years, and went everywhere with us; Tiffer spent a lot of time on a motorcycle also;I missed her so much I finaly found another "skip" companion with Tiffer's same bloodlines; Today my ex-husband and I went to Weed and picked up one of Jasper's pups for a companion for him and his present "skip"; The puppy is beautiful!! We are divorced, but I have my two "skip" girls and he has his two "skip" boys; My other girl was dumped off where I work; I contacted every agency and no one wanted or claimed her; Have no idea what breeding she has, but "Katie" to death; She is the real clown of the family; Thank you for the wonderful "Skips"!! Jo Ann Foresee (Garner)
19 March 2004 - Medford , Oregon, USA
Bill Brown | pepper246~AT~adelphia~DOT~net
Haven't heard from you in a while,hope this finds you and yours doing just find,everyone here is doing pretty good,Take care Smitty;Bill
19 March 2004 - Hanover ,Indiana
Lori Bua | bua6969~AT~comcast~DOT~net
3 weeks ago my sweat boy Kodiman, a Schipperke of 13 yrs;, passed away unexpectedly; He was my only child, companion and best friend; I miss him so; We had a wonderful 13 yrs; together; Living at Lake Tahoe a typical day consisted of a 6-10 mile trail run to the summit of the Sierras; A cross country skiing excursion;Or maybe a backcountry trek where we met dad for snowmobile rides; Kodi loved to explore and he loved the thrill of speed and adventure;He's traveled by plane and auto all over the country;He's trained and run marathons right along side me; Kodi also loved to jet ski the Colorado River ; He knew to lean into turns and the faster you went the more he enjoyed the experience; He was co-pilot during hundreds of flights in our Piper Cherokee 180 aircraft;Where ever I drove Kodi would of course accompany me; He also had a number of songs that were his personally and any time I would whistle or start to sing them he would sing along with me; He also spoke the words"I Love You" from the time he was a puppy; Every night we snuggled to sleep;From the beginning I spoke to him like a person and he understood everything; In fact, I don't think he knew he was a dog;This is a very long e-mail but I wanted to share some of my wonderful life experiences I shared with my Kodiman with someone who also had a love for Schipperkes; Thanks for listening; Sincerely, Lori Bua; P;S; At this time I am looking for a Schip male pup; If you have any info on available puppies please E-mail me with the info; Thanks!
19 March 2004 - Antelope , CA, USA
James Paul Williams | bew~AT~emeraldis~DOT~com
Like this page I was with A Co 2/18 Mar;1966 Mar;1967
19 March 2004 - Greenwood , SC
Jasper Gonzales | Debgnzls~AT~aol~DOT~com
Hello, I was so surpised to find out that there is another Jasper in the world; I really enjoyed your webpage; I live with my best friend Stetson, we do everything together; He spoils me and loves me so much; Well, I have to go now; Happy Holidays to you and your family; Jasper G;
19 March 2004 - Mckinney ,TX, USA
mChɣ | mistinxielle-06~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
nice poems and stories u had gathered james;;; very admiring and inspiring;;;thanx coz i have shared few of those to my classmates;;; gdCk!!!!
19 March 2004 - pasig ,manila ,PHILIPPINES
Betty | bcactusl~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I am so impressed with your pages; I've enjoyed my visit and will surely be back; Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent;
19 March 2004 - Proctorville ,NC,USA
Shane Richmond | sha5rch~AT~aol~DOT~com
Your site is beautiful, my father Frankie was an RTO for the company commander, Alpha company 2nd/18th; I have been researching his time there and came about your page;;;I will pass it along to other vets I have met along my journey; Thank you;;;;;SALUTES
19 March 2004 - Virginia
Adrienne van Loon | vanloon~AT~umanitoba~DOT~ca
I'm enjoying your site as I have been owned by my Schipperke for over 12 years; Her name is Pixie and she is a great joy to us; She is part ferret as we have owned ferrets before her adopting Pixie and still do;
19 March 2004 - Starbuck ,Manitoba ,Canada
Mary Hays | smhays2002~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
You have a very nice website; I'm impressed; But that's to be expected as we are proud owners of two male schipperkes, Bubba Joe and Rudy Toot-toot; Aren't they just the most wonderful breed of dog ever??? Like none other!
19 March 2004 - Stayton , Oregon

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