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Holly Bute | hmcdbute~AT~cccomm~DOT~net
I have both shed a tear and smiled whilst reading about Jasper; You two had a very special bond, that's sure and one I beleive won't ever be broken; You touched my heart;
13 February 2011 - Fallon, NV
Gary Harper | gary~DOT~harper~AT~harperhaus~DOT~com
Jasper's page is a wonderful place for me to begin my journey to find Rainbow Bridge and my friend Tucker; It looks like I will be bringing others with me as well; Pearl has decided to accompany me on the trip; Thankyou you Jim and Jasper for helping me, you have no idea how much you have given;but knowing Schips, I'm sure they have a plan;
28 January 2011 - San Diego California
Karen | kandm25~AT~sbcglobal~DOT~net
Jasper you were one well-loved fellow, and Jim you gave him the best of everything;
24 September 2010 - Nor Cal
Marty and Layla | martycbad~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
As one who had many going to the bridge in the last few years I must add this;We did our best and gave them everything we could; They left us knowing we loved them;
23 September 2010 - Carlsbad, California
DJ Note | djnote7~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Can't help myself; I cried as I read Jasper's obit; Cheyenne looks so much like his daddy; Both handsome boys; May each day get easier;
22 September 2010 - Eagle Point, OR USA
annette morgan and lilliebear
This is such a beautiful remembrance of jasper;
21 September 2010
Lynn Brown | schipstar~AT~aol~DOT~com
Jasper, you are such a lucky boy to have led such a great life and be so well loved; Even though your human family will miss you, they have a lot of great memories of you to make them smile; Some day you and your "cowboy poet" pop will be together again
19 September 2010 - Long Beach, CA
Stuart | stuartcomyn~AT~yahoo~DOT~ca
I like your poems;
5 May 2010 - Victoria, Canada
don tillery | don~DOT~kingstoyota~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hi just looking around at the photos my dad used to talk about a place in vietnam called bear cat; thanks for your service
9 November 2009 - ohio
melvyn buenafe
nice page
28 April 2009

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