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A place of mystery and beauty


Here You Will Find Some Of My Thoughts

Be They Fantasy Or Memories...

I Have Been Asked, To Whom Do I write My Poems

They Are Written to You, If You Are Reading Them
And Perhaps To A Dream
At Times There Can Be Found More Truth In Fiction

Than In Reality, As In The Story Below

The Touch Of A Hand 


I was asked for new poems and stories, I have just lumped several together here. I hope these change often. If I have the time.

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New Stories

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Page Of A Schipperke Dog

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Who am I?

All poems are copyrighted. You my use them if proper credit is given. Feel free to comment good or bad on the web page or the poems. Feedback can be helpful.

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Cowboy poetry, General, Viet Nam

Viet Nam Pictures Viet Nam Pictures

Viet Nam Pictures

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Poems and Dreams

Poems of Fantasy, Dreams of Love

stories of fantasy and love by james smith


Short Stories and More Stories of the letters, The Rose Box and more.
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