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Computers Ahh...The second wife, and she never nags. Currently my baby is a 486-DX4 133mhz, with 32 megs of ram. 3.2gigs of HD space, Diamond Speedstar Video with 4 megs of VRAM, HP660 Color Printer, HP 5PSE Scanner, B/W Eyeball Cam, SB AWE Soundcard, 80 Watt Speaker/Subwoofer System, and lotsa software. (Including over 5000 WAV files)
Fishing Can there be any better hobby? What other Hobby can cost you this much and still be fun?
Crabbing I just love to go Crabbing, but the funny thing is I hate seafood....
WoodWorking Wanna piss off your wife or girlfriend, run your scrollsaw in the kitchen.
Reading Piers Anthony, Dean Koontz, Terry Brooks, and of course the great Dilbert.
Bowling Or at least the thought of bowling, I don't know why they won't let me use bumpers during league play? You want to see my Bowling Stats?
Surfing Hard to believe, but I even got a picture.
WAV Files/IRC This is a collection of WAV files great for using Internet Relay Chat. It also contains info on my favorite channel, #IRCNEWBIES and some other cool stuff.
Art Galleries (3D Nicks I) (3D Nicks II) (3D Nicks III) (Text Overlays (Cool))
BOFH Saga BOFH=Bastard Operator From Hell: (The Birth of BOFH) (Episode_I) (Episode_II) (Episode_III) (Episode_IV) (Episode_V) (Episode_VI) (Episode_VII) (Episode_VIII) (Episode_IX) (Episode_X) (Episode_XI) (Episode_XII) (Episode_XIII) (Episode_XIV) (Episode_XV)
(Must See!!)
Funny Jokes [Why Beer is Better Than A Man] [Why Beer is Better Than A Woman] [Why Cucumbers Are Better Than A Man]
This is a link to WZOO Radio. Listen to LIVE audio via Real Audio. This is VERY COOL!!!!

Here are some neat links to check out

Link Description
^Ashley ^Ashley's Personal Homepage (A Must See..The New York Times).
Web Creations Web Creations Homepage, home of the Fortune Cookie!
Popsci Popular Science On-Line.
Oregonized People, Places and things to do in Oregon.
The Pepsi Web Page (AWESOME, 4 Stars, Make sure to have the latest version of Netscape
Cheech & Chong This is one of the coolest web sites on the net. It is Netscape 2.0 Mondo Enhanced. A must see says Syruss
JUMBO! Jumbo Shareware Collection 200,000+ files
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