If you like to chat, the UnderNet is the place to be, and #ircnewbies is the channel of choice!

Here are some WAV files that are popular in IRC CHAT

BEER.WAV 120.8k The Sound of a fresh beer
LOL.WAV 55.8k Laughing Out Loud
NEWBIE.WAV 98.5k "Do I Smell a Newbie"
PURR.WAV 30.9k A great cats purr sound
ROFL.WAV 16.4k Rolling on Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO.WAV 84.5k Rolling on Floor, Laughing My Ass Off
CHRS1.WAV 237.1k Official Sound of the #IRCNEWBIES Channel

In order to access Internet Relay Chat, you will need software
Click the following icon to go to the IRCNewbies Official Home Page to download it.

Here is the best Channel on the Undernet

Here are some 3D renderings of my friends in IRC

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