Syruss's Link to WZOO Radio

WZOO Radio

Not to toot their horn too much, but I must say this is the hottest use of Real Audio on the net. And since I happen to have a GREAT friend who is a DJ on this station (Hey RAZman) does not influence me at all . No really you have to go listen to this station. And if you send them a postcard you get a free keychain. So you really need to get REAL AUDIO, and go listen. You can even listen while you surf, so grab your board, turn on the tunes...and see where the waves take ya!!!!!

Coming to you LIVE on the Internet

Go to their website and listen to them LIVE

Go to Real Audio's website and Download the Real Audio Player

Here are some wav files done by My Friend and their DJ, RAZman

SYZOO1 376.6k A WAY Cool dedication I made to all my friends on the INTERNET
RIPHAWK 126.7k A dedication from RIP2131 to his lovely LadyHawk
MEOW-RAZ 183.8k A dedication from RAZman to Meowmix