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Associate CIYO Faculty

Anne Dosher

WHO WE ARE: Anne Dosher, Elder of The Ashland Institute

Anne serves as Elder to the International Women’s Dialogue, Circle of Seven, Chakra Circle, Millionth Circle; and serves as Elder and Guardian of the Soul for The World Cafe, Elder of The Ashland Institute, Board Member of The Community for Sacred Ecology, and of the Burnett Institute of the San Diego State University Foundation.

For forty-three years Anne was an academic-social practitioner, focusing on the creation of community within all three sectors of society: government, business and industry, and the independent sector. Recently she was recognized as a spiritual elder in the book by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi: FROM AGE-ING TO SAGE-ING. As an Elder Pipe Carrier and practitioner of Creation Spirituality (Medicine Wheel) she is committed to a life that serves life.

  Chris Briscoe

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