About the Author, Ben Truwe

Little is known for certain about the reclusive historian and author of the Talk to Me! series of toy and doll repair manuals. Manuscripts are usually discovered after being slid under the front door at Talky Tina Press (except in the memorable case of the Chatty Cathy manual, which was left on the company answering machine, in the dead of night, in 90-second chunks, over a period of six months).

He sounds like a nice guy.

Mr. Truwe has begun to emerge briefly from his seclusion to promote his Halloween book on the following radio and TV shows. There's even a rare photo of him on the Web!

Recent Media Appearances:

October 30, 2003
"NewsWatch Live This Morning" with Ron Brown, KDRV-12, Medford, Oregon

October 22, 2004
"Jess: The New Morning Show," KLRS, Chico, California

October 26, 2004
"The Dean Jackson Show," KEYF, Spokane, Washington
Jennifer Brien, WPRO, Providence, Rhode Island
Lisa Tyler, WORK-FM, Barre-Montpelier, Vermont
Paul and Marie, KEX, Portland, Oregon
Andy Vierra, KNEWS, Las Vegas, Nevada

October 27, 2004
Phil Parker, KFYR, Bismark, North Dakota
Don Weeks, WGY Morning News, Albany, New York
Larry Richert, Shelley Duffy, John Shumway, KDKA News, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jim Williams, WJBC, Bloomington, Illinois
Diane Adair, "Seacoast in the Morning," WBYY, Dover, New Hampshire

October 28, 2004
Steve Hexom, KBUR, Burlington, Iowa
J. C. Coutts, Q92, Timmons, Ontario
Mark Mayhew, "Afternoon Show," WNTA, Rockford, Illinois
Kevin Greene, WKLS, Atlanta, Georgia
J. C. Payne, KARN, Little Rock, Arkansas

October 29, 2004
"The Ron and Don Show," KKND/WKLQ, New Orleans, Louisiana
"Nick and Gary's Spooktacular," WGN, Chicago, Illinois
"The Matt and Ramona Show," WLNK, Charlotte, North Carolina
Lucy Ann Lance, WAAM, Ann Arbor, Michigan

October 31, 2004
Monsignor Tom Snyderwine, "Magnify," WJET, Erie, Pennsylvania

November 1, 2004
Jim Bresnahan, "On Line," WREL, Lexington, Virginia

December 10, 2004
Jeremy A. Vaeni, "The J Files," WFAD, Middlebury, Vermont

Nominated for inclusion in the Yearbook of Experts, 2005 edition.

April 19, 2005
Jim Buchanan, "Out of Time Radio," http://www.freerepublic.com/~outoftimeradio/

August 26, 2005
Frightfest Northwest 2005, Champoeg, Oregon
   Presented seminars "The History of Halloween" and "Performing Sideshow Stunts"

October 10, 2005
"The Star Morning Show," WZPT, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Steve Fast, WJBC, Bloomington, Illinois

October 15, 2005
Rick Bergman, "The Life Lounge," KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

October 17, 2005
Shelley Duffy, Morning News, KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

October 18, 2005
Rick Mitchell, "The Rick Mitchell Show," WTRY, Albany, New York

October 19, 2005
Archer and Mark, KQMT 99.5, Denver, Colorado
Bob Mangels, "Contact 790," WLSV, Wellsville, New York

October 21, 2005
Mike Krafthofer, "On Your Side," WARX, Hagerstown, Maryland

October 24, 2005
Sue Goldstein, "The Underground Shopper," KXEB Air America, Dallas, Texas
Amanda Hostetler, "Real Life," KGMI, Bellingham, Washington

October 25, 2005
Phil Main, "Phil and Scotty in the Morning," CKNX, Wingham, Ontario

October 26, 2005
Madison Leigh and Alexander Zonjic, "Smooth Jazz," WVMV, Detroit, Michigan
Rob McConnell, "The 'X' Zone," syndicated

October 29
, 2005
Bobby Box, Big Oldies 98.5, Albuquerque, New Mexico

October 31, 2005
Mike Thomas, "Live Wire," KWRE, Warrenton, Missouri
Jeff Allan, AM 570 News, Kitchener, Ontario
Lukas, Maney & Amanda, "The Morning Rave," 107.9 The END, Sacramento, California
Marcie Smothers, KSRO, San Francisco, California
Ron Pritchard, Michigan Talk Radio Network

December 2, 2005
"Haunted Brothels and Opium Dens," major front-page article in the Medford Mail Tribune, Medford, OR, about my walking tour

20, 2005
Bill Meyer, "The Bill Meyer Show, KMED, Medford, Oregon--discussed vice-ridden history of Medford and my walking tour (see link above

Nominated for inclusion in the Yearbook of Experts, 2006 edition.

March 2, 2006
"Historian Researches Author's Life," major front-page article in The Journal News, White Plains, NY, about my research into and transcription of the 1918-1921 Fred Alton Haight diary. And if you like old diaries, take a look at my 1912-1919 Willis John Dean diary.

May 12, 2006
My latest opus is "published": an 1854-1899 pioneer Index to Jackson County, Oregon Juror Lists.

October 17, 2006
KC Shepherd Show, KWEY, Weatherford, Oklahoma

November, 2006
Elected to the City Council, Medford, Oregon

January, 2007
Sworn in; appointed  to Medford's Budget Committee, Carnegie Library Committee,  Community Development Fee Task Force, Newsletter Advisory/Annual Report Committee, Rogue Valley Council of Governments Board, and Visitor & Convention Bureau Board; liaison to the Cemetery Commission, Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission, Site Plan and Architectural Commission

January, 2007-
Pretty busy.

November 6, 2007
Become member of the Citizens Planning Advisory Committee

November 13, 2007
Appointed to the Medford Market Cooperative Board

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