Index of Mechanical Dolls and Toys

Definitively identifying exactly which mechanisms are found in which toys is an ongoing process, and we ask your help. If you have a talking toy you'd like to repair, please confirm that you're ordering the right kit: Compare the shape of the talkbox you can feel inside the toy with the ones illustrated on the kit description pages. Please inform us of any discrepancies.

Click on the name of your toy below to be directed to the appropriate repair kit.

The superstars:
Charley Weaver
Chatty  Cathy
Matt Mason
Mrs. Beasley
Suzy Smart
Talking Barbie

Dolls with Vinyl Heads

The alphabetical list:
1930 Ford Motor Car (battery-op)
21 Blackjack (battery-op)
Accordion Bear (battery-op)
The Accordion Player Bunny (battery-op)
The Accordion Player Hobo (battery-op)
Acro Chimp Porter (battery-op)
The Adventurer Jeep (battery-op)
Air Control Tower (battery-op)
Air Fighting Pilot (battery-op)
Air Mail Helicopter (battery-op)
Aircraft Carrier (battery-op)
Alley the Alligator (battery-op)
Alley the Exciting New Roaring Stalking Alligator (battery-op)
Amaze-A-Matics (battery-op)
The Amazing Mr. Al E. Gator (battery-op)
American Circus Television Truck (battery-op)
Amphibian Navy Patrol Plane (battery-op)
Andy Gard Steering Jeep (battery-op)
Andy Pandy (pullstring talker)
Animal Talk (pullstring talking game)
Animated Santa on Rotating Globe (battery-op)
Annie Tug Boat (battery-op)
Answer Game Machine (battery-op)
"Answer Me" Talking Phone (b/o talker)
Anti-Aircraft Jeep (battery-op)
Anti-Aircraft Tank (Firing Cannons) (battery-op)
Antique Fire Car (battery-op)
Antique Gooney Car (battery-op)
Apollo-11 Eagle Lunar Module (battery-op)
Apollo-X Moon Challenger (battery-op)
Army Radio Jeep (battery-op)
Army Train Set (battery-op)
Aron Monster (battery-op)
Arthur A-Go-Go (battery-op)
Aston Martin Secret Ejector Car (battery-op)
Astro Dog (battery-op)
Astronaut (Cragstan) (battery-op)
Astronaut (T-N) (battery-op)
Atomic Boat (battery-op)
Attacking Martian (battery-op)
Austin 1800 (battery-op)
Automatic Gun (battery-op)
Automatic Sewing Machine (battery-op)
B-Z Porter (battery-op)
B-Z Rabbit (battery-op)
B-Z Vender [sic] (battery-op)
Baby Babbles (b/o talker)
Baby Boomer (pullstring talker)
Baby Carriage (battery-op)
Baby Cheryl (pullstring talker)
Baby Colleen (pullstring talker)
Baby Flip Flop (pullstring talker)
Baby Say 'n See (pullstring talker)
Baby Secret (pullstring talker)
Baby Sing-a-Song (pullstring talker)
Baby Small Talk (pullstring talker with mechanism in torso)
Baby Teenie Talk (pullstring talker)
Baby Talk (b/o talker)
Baby's Hungry (battery-op)
Bag Full of Laffs (b/o talker)
Bag Full of Laughs (Gund) (b/o talker)
Bag of Bull (Gund) (b/o talker)
Balancing Mighty Mike (battery-op)
Ball Blowing Clown (battery-op)
Ball Playing Bear (battery-op)
Ball Playing Dog (battery-op)
Balloon Poodle (battery-op)
Balloon Vendor (battery-op)
Banking Lancia (battery-op)
Barber Bear (battery-op)
Barbie (pullstring talker)
Barney Bear the Drummer Boy (battery-op)
Barracuda Motorized Atomic Sub (battery-op)
Barrel Full of Laffs (b/o talker)
Barrel Full of Laughs (Gund) (b/o talker)
Barry Bear (pullstring talker)
Bartender (battery-op)
Bartender with Revolving Eyes (battery-op)
Batmobile (battery-op)
Battery Operated Monorail Rocket Ship (battery-op)
Battery Operated Space Ship (battery-op)
Battery Speed Boat (battery-op)
Beany (pullstring talker)
Bear Target Game (battery-op)
Bear the Cashier (battery-op)
Bear the Magician (battery-op)
Bear the Shoe Maker (battery-op)
Bear Typist (battery-op)
Beauty Parlor (battery-op)
Mrs. Beasley (pullstring talker)
Beddie Bye Talk (pullstring talker)
Beauty Parlor (battery-op)
Bell Ringer locomotive (battery-op)
Bell Telephone Installation Truck (battery-op)
Bengali the Exciting New Growling Prowling Tiger (battery-op)
Bernie Bernard (pullstring talker)
Betty Big Girl (b/o talker)
Bibi Products talking heads (b/o talkers)
Biff the Bear (pullstring talker)
Big Jim Electric Magnetic Crane (battery-op)
Big Machine (battery-op)
The Big Parade (battery-op)
Big Ring Circus (battery-op)
Big Shot Cadillac (battery-op)
Billy Blastoff (battery-op)
Bimbo the Drumming Clown (battery-op)
Black Smithy Bear (battery-op)
Blacksmith Bear (battery-op)
Blaze (pullstring talker)
Blink-A-Gear Robot (battery-op)
Blow-Up-Ball Locomotive (battery-op)
Blue Mountain locomotive (battery-op)
Blushing Frankenstein (battery-op)
Blushing Gunfighter (battery-op)
Blushing Willie (battery-op)
Boaterific (battery-op)
Boaterific Shark Pack (battery-op)
Bobby Drinking Bear (battery-op)
Boeing 737 Jet Plane (battery-op)
Bomber Pilot (battery-op)
Bongo Benny (battery-op)
Bongo Monkey (battery-op)
Bowling Bank (battery-op)
Bozo the Clown (crank talker)
Bozo the Clown (hand puppet pullstring talker)
Bozo the Clown (stuffed pullstring talker)
Bozo Talking Telephone (b/o talker)
Brad (pullstring talker)
Brave Eagle (battery-op)
Brewster the Rooster (battery-op)
Brown Bear (pullstring talker)
Bruno Accordion Bear (battery-op)
Bubble Bear (battery-op)
Bubble Blowing Musician (battery-op)
Bubble Blowing Popeye (battery-op)
Bubble Blowing Washing Bear (battery-op)
Bubble Kangaroo (battery-op)
Bubble Lion (battery-op)
Bubbles Washing Bear (battery-op)
Bubbling Bull (battery-op)
Buffy (pullstring talker)
Bugs Bunny (stuffed pullstring talker)
Bugs Bunny (puppet pullstring talker)
Bulldog Tank (battery-op)
Bulldozer with Horn and Light (battery-op)
Bunny Patter (pullstring talker)
Bunny the Busy Secretary (battery-op)
Bunny the Magician (battery-op)
Burger Chef (battery-op)
The Busy Housekeeper (battery-op)
Busy Secretary (battery-op)
Butterfly the Flying Dog (battery-op)
Butterfly with Flapping Wings (battery-op)
Buttons the Puppy with a Brain (battery-op)
Buzzer Robot (battery-op)
BZ Porter (battery-op)
BZ Rabbit (battery-op)
BZ Vender [sic] (battery-op)
Cabin Cruiser with Outboard Motor (battery-op)
Calypso Joe (battery-op)
Camera Shooting Bear (battery-op)
Captain Blushwell (battery-op)
Captain Hook (battery-op)
Captain Kangaroo (pullstring talker)
Captain Kidd Pirate Ship (battery-op)
Captain Robo Space Transporter (battery-op)
Carnival Record Player (battery-op)
Casper the Ghost (hard-headed pullstring talker)
Casper the Ghost (soft-headed pullstring talker)
The Cat in the Hat (hand puppet pullstring talker)
The Cat in the Hat (stuffed pullstring talker)
Caterpillar Tank M-1 (battery-op)
Cecil the Sea Serpent (hand puppet pullstring talker)
Cecil the Sea Serpent (stuffed pullstring talker)
Cement Mixer Truck No. 61 (battery-op)
Champion Weight Lifter (battery-op)
Chap-the Obedient Dog (battery-op)
Chaparral 2F (battery-op)
Charley Weaver Bartender (battery-op)
Charlie the Drumming Clown (battery-op)
Charlie Tuna (pullstring talker)
Charmin' Chatty (pullstring talker)
Chatty Baby (original) (pullstring talker)
Chatty Baby (1970 reissue) (pullstring talker)
Chatty Cathy (original) (pullstring talker)
Chatty Cathy (1970 reissue) (pullstring talker)
Chatty Patty (pullstring talker)
Chatterbox (b/o talker)
Cheerful Poodle (battery-op)
Chester O'Chimp (pullstring talker)
Chief Robotman (battery-op)
Chief Smoky (battery-op)
Chime Trooper Astronaut (battery-op)
Chimp with Xylophone (battery-op)
Chimp Xylophone Player (battery-op)
Chimpee the One-Man-Drummer Chimp (battery-op)
Chippy the Chipmunk (battery-op)
Chirping Grasshopper (battery-op)
Choo Choo Patter (pullstring talker)
Christie (pullstring talker)
Chuckling Charlie (battery-op)
Chuckling Charlie (talkbox only)
Cinderella Small Talk (pullstring talker with mechanism in torso)
Cine Bear (battery-op)
Circus Clown (pullstring talker)
Circus Elephant (battery-op)
Circus Fire Engine (battery-op)
Circus Jet (battery-op)
Circus Lion (battery-op)
Clancy the Great (battery-op)
Climbing Linesman (battery-op)
Close 'n Play Automatic Phonograph (battery-op)
Clown and Lion (battery-op)
Clown the Magician (battery-op)
Clown's Popcorn Truck (battery-op)
Coca-Cola Dispenser Bank (battery-op)
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Rooster (battery-op)
Coffeetime Bear (battery-op)
Coin Taxi (battery-op)
Colonel Hap Hazard (battery-op)
"Comic Musical Car" Xylophone No. 2 (battery-op)
Comic Tea Pot (battery-op)
Computer Truck (battery-op)
Coney-Island Penny Machine (battery-op)
Coney Island Rocket Ride (battery-op)
Continental Flyer Train Set (battery-op)
Cosmic Talking Robot (b/o talker)
Crackers the Parrot (pullstring talker)
Cragstan Astronaut (battery-op)
Cragstan Automatic Sewing Machine (battery-op)
Cragstan Crap Shooting Monkey (battery-op)
Cragstan Galloping Horse and Rider (battery-op)
Cragstan Great Astronaut (battery-op)
Cragstan Melody Band (battery-op)
Cragstan Mr. Atomic (battery-op)
Cragstan Overland Stagecoach (battery-op)
Cragstan Play Boy (battery-op)
Cragstan Radical Robot (battery-op)
Cragstan Remote Driving-Dashboard Control Car (battery-op)
Cragstan Skin Diver (battery-op)
Cragstan Space Tank with Spinning Ball Cockpit (battery-op)
Cragstan Telly Bear (battery-op)
Cragstan Yo-Yo Clown (battery-op)
Cragstan's Mr. Robot (battery-op)
Crapshooter (battery-op)
Crazy Car (battery-op)
Crawling Baby (battery-op)
Crawling Baby with Hood (battery-op)
Crawling Force (battery-op)
Creeping Crawling Hand (battery-op)
Crown Bus (battery-op)
Crusader 101 (battery-op)
Crusader Tank (battery-op)
Cry'n Bag (Gund) (b/o talker)
Crying Jag Bag (b/o talker)
Cute Poodle (battery-op)
Cutie Spaniel (battery-op)
Daisy the Jolly Drumming Duck (battery-op)
Dancing Dan (battery-op)
Dancing Merry Chimp (battery-op)
Dandy the Happy Drumming Pup (battery-op)
De Luxe Reading Nancy Nurse (b/o talker)
De Luxe Reading Sally Says (b/o talker)
De Luxe Reading Suzy Smart (b/o talker)
De Luxe Reading Tickles (b/o talker)
Dee Bee talking dolls (Shindana pullstring talker)
Dee Dee (Dee and Cee Co.) (pullstring talker)
Delta Bird (battery-op)
Dentist Bear (battery-op)
The Derby (battery-op)
Desert Patrol Jeep (battery-op)
Dial Talkie Phone (b/o talker)
Dice Throwing Monkey (battery-op)
Dick Tracy Crime Stopper (battery-op)
Ding Dong Express (battery-op)
Dino-Robot (battery-op)
Dishonest John (pullstring talker)
Disneyland Talking Telephone (pullstring talker)
Distant Early Warning Radar Station (battery-op)
Dolly Patter (pullstring talker)
Dolly Seamstressp (battery-op)
Donald Duck Patter (pullstring talker)
Donny the Smiling Bulldog (battery-op)
Dozo the Steaming Clown (battery-op)
Dr. Dolittle (hand puppet)
Dragnet Talking Police Car (crank talker)
Drinker's Savings Bank (battery-op)
Drinking Bear (battery-op)
The Drinking Captain (battery-op)
Drinking Dog (battery-op)
Drinking Licking Cat (battery-op)
Drowsy (pullstring talker)
Drummer Bear (battery-op)
Drumming Indian (battery-op)
Drumming Mickey Mouse (battery-op)
Dune Buggy Wheelies (battery-op)
Duracell Drumming Bunny (battery-op)
Dux Astroman (battery-op)
Dynamo Robot (battery-op)
Earth Man (battery-op)
Eegee talking dolls (pullstring talkers--require special-order belt size)
Effanbee Melodie (b/o talker)
El Toro (battery-op)
Electric Tank (battery-op)
Electric Vibraphone (battery-op)
Electro-Submarino (battery-op)
Electronic Periscope Firing Range (battery-op)
Electronic Twin Train Set (battery-op)
Elegant Poodle (battery-op)
Elektro Control-Car 5308S (battery-op)
Elektro Ingenico 5311/56 (battery-op)
Emergency Team (battery-op)
Engine Robot with Electronic Boom (battery-op)
Fairy Land Bus (battery-op)
Fancy Spaceman (b/o talker)
Farm Truck (battery-op)
Feeding Bird Watcher (battery-op)
Fido the Xylophone Player (battery-op)
W. C. Fields (Knickerbocker) (pullstring talker)
Fighter (battery-op)
Fighting Bull (battery-op)
Fighting Space Man (battery-op)
Fire Chief Mystery Action Car (battery-op)
Fire Engine (battery-op)
Firefly Bug (battery-op)
Fireman's Helmet (battery-op)
Firing Cannons Anti-Aircraft Tank (battery-op)
Firing Command (battery-op)
Fishing Bear (battery-op)
Fishing Bears (battery-op)
Fishing Game (battery-op)
Fishing Panda Bear (battery-op)
Fishing Polar Bear (battery-op)
Flashy Jim (battery-op)
Flip Wilson/Geraldine (pullstring talker)
The Floating Satellite Shoot Down Target Game (battery-op)
Florida Air Boat (battery-op)
Flushing Ash Tray (b/o talker)
Flutter Birds (battery-op)
Flying Police with Tati-Tati-Noise (battery-op)
Flying Saucer (battery-op)
Flying Space Saucer (battery-op)
Flying Tiger Swing Tail Cargo Plane (battery-op)
1930 Ford Motor Car (battery-op)
Fork Lift Truck (battery-op)
Mr. Fox the Magician (battery-op)
Frankenstein (battery-op)
Frankenstein Monster (battery-op)
Frankie the Roller Skating Monkey (battery-op)
Fred Flintstone Flivver (battery-op)
Fred Flintstone's Bedrock Band (battery-op)
French Poodle (battery-op)
Friendly Jocko My Favorite Pet (battery-op)
Frogman U.S. Navy Commando (battery-op)
Fruit Juice Counter (battery-op)
Fumbling Pussy (battery-op)
Funland Cup Ride (battery-op)
Furga Talking Dolls (b/o talkers)
G-Man Machine Gun (battery-op)
Galloping Cowboy Savings Bank (battery-op)
Galloping Horse and Rider (battery-op)
Galloping Pony Savings Bank (battery-op)
Gear Robot (battery-op)
Genie Bottle (battery-op)
Geraldine (pullstring talker)
Gentle Ben (pullstring talker)
GI Joe Trouble Shooter (b/o talker)
Giant Machine Man (battery-op)
Giant Sonic Robot (battery-op)
Gino Neapolitan Balloon Blower (battery-op)
Globe Explorer (battery-op)
Gofer One of the Robotrons (battery-op)
E. Goldberger talking dolls (pullstring talkers--require special-order belt size)
Golden Roto-Robot (battery-op)
Goldilocks Small Talk (pullstring talker with mechanism in torso)
Gong Bell Talking Plaphone (crank talker)
Gong Bell Disney TV Pay Phone (crank talker)
Good Time Charlie (battery-op)
Goofy Patter (pullstring talker)
Going Places Camping Car (battery-op)
Gorilla (battery-op)
Grand-Pa Panda Bear (battery-op)
Grandma (pullstring talker)
Grand-Pa Car (battery-op)
Grandpa (pullstring talker)
Grandpa Bear (battery-op)
Great Big Beautiful Bertha (pullstring talker)
Great Garloo (battery-op)
Green Caterpillar (battery-op)
Green Mountain locomotive (battery-op)
Greyhound Bus (battery-op)
Gund "Sound-a-Rama" Talking Plush Toys (b/o talker)
Gypsy Fortune Teller (battery-op)
Hamburger Chef (battery-op)
Handy-Hank Mystery Tractor (battery-op)
Happy Band Trio (battery-op)
Happy Clown (crank talker)
Happy Clown on Bicycle (battery-op)
Happy Clown Theater (battery-op)
Happy Drummer (battery-op)
The Happy Drumming Pup Dandy (battery-op)
The Happy Fiddler Clown (battery-op)
Happy 'n Sad Magic Face Clown (battery-op)
Happy 'n Sad Magic Face Cymbal Clown (battery-op)
Happy Plane (battery-op)
Happy-Puppy (battery-op)
Happy Santa (battery-op)
Happy Santa with Lighted Eyes (battery-op)
Happy Talk (pullstring talker)
Happy the Clown Puppet Show (battery-op)
Haunted House Mystery Bank (battery-op)
Hedwig Bird (pullstring talker)
Herman Munster (hand puppet pullstring talker)
Herman Munster (stuffed pullstring talker)
Hi-Bouncer Moon Scout (battery-op)
Hi Dottie (b/o talker)
High Jinks at the Circus Clown with Performing Chimp (battery-op)
High Way Patrol (battery-op)
Highway Driver (battery-op)
Highway Patrol Police Special (battery-op)
Hole in One Bank (battery-op)
Holiday Fair Doll (pullstring talker)
Hong Kong Rickshaw (battery-op)
Hoop Zing Girl (battery-op)
Hoopy the Fishing Duck (battery-op)
Hootin Hollow Haunted House (battery-op)
Horton the Elephant (pullstring talker)
Hot Rod (battery-op)
Hot Wheels Talking Service Center (pullstring talker) see also Repair FAQ
Humpty Dumpty (pullstring talker)
Hungry Baby Bear (battery-op)
Hungry Cat (battery-op)
Hungry Hound Dog (battery-op)
Imperial Troop Transport (b/o talker)
Indian Joe (battery-op)
Indian Signal Choo-Choo (battery-op)
Jack in the Box (Ohio Art) (crank talker)
Jaguar Champ o' Racer (battery-op)
Jaguar Sports Car (battery-op)
James Bond's Aston-Martin (battery-op)
Jet Boeing 727 (battery-op)
Jet Plane Base (battery-op)
Jill (b/o talker)
Johnny Express (battery-op)
Johnny Speed (battery-op)
Jolly Bambino the Eating Monkey (battery-op)
Jolly Chimp (battery-op)
Jolly Daddy (battery-op)
The Jolly Drumming Duck Daisy (battery-op)
The Jolly Drumming Elephant Mambo (battery-op)
Jolly Penguin with Lighted Eyes (battery-op)
Jolly Santa on Snow (battery-op)
Josie Battery Operated Walking Cow (battery-op)
Jouets Parlants Educatifs (pullstring/lever talker)
Journey Pup (battery-op)
Jukepet (b/o talker)
Julia (pullstring talker)
Jumbo the Bubble Blowing Elephant (battery-op)
Jumping Ginger (battery-op)
Jungle Jumbo (battery-op)
Jungle Trio (battery-op)
Junior Commando Phone (crank talker)
The Junior Marx-A-Copter (battery-op)
Jupiter Jyro Set (battery-op)
Jupiter Robot (battery-op)
Just "Fore" Laughs (Gund) (b/o talker)
Just Married (battery-op)
Kamkaps Talking Telephone Switchboard (crank talker)
Ken (pullstring talker)
King Kong (hand puppet pullstring talker)
King Kong (stuffed pullstring talker)
King Size Volkswagen Sedan (battery-op)
Kingsize Fire Engine (battery-op)
Kinsman Robot Machine (battery-op)
Kissing Couple (battery-op)
Knight in Armor with Bow and Arrows (battery-op)
Knitting Bear (battery-op)
Knitting Grandma (battery-op)
Kooky (Dee and Cee Co.) (pullstring talker)
Lady Pup Tending Her Garden (battery-op)
Laffing Bag (b/o talker)
Lambo (battery-op)
Lancelot Lion (pullstring talker)
Large Eye (b/o talker)
Larry the Lion (pullstring talker)
Las Vegas Game (battery-op)
Last Laugh Machine (b/o talker)
Laugh Machine (b/o talker)
Laughing Bag (b/o talker)
Laughing Clown (crank talker)
Laughing Robot (battery-op)
Laughing Skull (b/o talker)
Leo the Growling Pet Lion with Magic Face Change Action (battery-op)
Libby's Libby's Libby's (pullstring talker)
Liddle Kiddles Talking Townhouse (pullstring talker) see also Repair FAQ
Liebermann Elegance (b/o talker)
Light House (battery-op)
Lighted Space Vehicle with Floating Satellite (battery-op)
Lilac (pullstring talker)
Linemar Music Hall (battery-op)
Little Bo Peep Small Talk (with mechanism in torso)
Linus the Lionhearted (hand puppet pullstring talker)
Linus the Lionhearted (stuffed pullstring talker)
Lion (battery-op)
Lookout Louie (battery-op)
Loop the Loop Clown (battery-op)
The Loser Liquor Dispenser (battery-op)
Los Ye-Yes (battery-op)
Lost in Space Robot (battery-op)
Lotto Bingo (battery-op)
Lucky Crane (battery-op)
Lucky Rabbit (battery-op)
Lucky Seven Dice Throwing Monkey (battery-op)
Lucky Tommy Gun (battery-op)
Lunar Spaceman (battery-op)
M101 Aston Martin Secret Ejector Car (battery-op)
McGregor (battery-op)
Mac the Turtle with the Barrel (battery-op)
Madame Alexander Chatterbox (b/o talker)
Magic Bank (battery-op)
Magic Color Moon Express (battery-op)
Magic Man (battery-op)
Magic Mike II (battery-op)
Magic Mike II (talkbox only)
Magic Mirror (b/o talker)
Magic Space Dog (battery-op)
Magnatron MT-2 (battery-op)
Magnatron MT-2 (talkbox only)
Magnor Magnetic Robot (battery-op)
Main Street (battery-op)
Major Matt Mason Talking Backpack (string talker)
Major Matt Mason Talking Command Console (pullstring talker) see also Repair FAQ
Major Tooty (battery-op)
Mambo Electric Bear Drummer (battery-op)
Mambo the Jolly Drumming Elephant (battery-op)
Man in Space (battery-op)
Manic Panic (Gund) (b/o talker)
Maracas Playin' Turn Over Pup (battery-op)
Mars King (battery-op)
Mars Rocket (battery-op)
Marshal Wild Bill (battery-op)
Marvelous Fire Engine (battery-op)
Marx Laugh Machine (b/o talker)
Marx Talking Phone (b/o talker)
Marx-A-Power Giant Bulldozer (battery-op)
Mascon "Talk-N-Tell" Talking Telephone (b/o talker)
Matty Mattel (pullstring talker)
Maurice Monkey (pullstring talker)
Maxwell-Coffee Loving Cub (battery-op)
McGregor (battery-op)
Mechanical Walking Space Man (battery-op)
Mechanized Robot (battery-op)
Melodie (b/o talker)
Melody Camping Car (battery-op)
Metal Monster (battery-op)
MG Midget Sports Car (battery-op)
Michelle (from Full House) (b/o talker)
Mickey Mouse (pullstring talker)
Mickey Mouse on Hand Car (battery-op)
Mickey Mouse Patter (pullstring talker)
Mickey Mouse Talking Phone (b/o talker)
Mickey Talking Toothbrush (b/o talker)
Mickey the Magician (battery-op)
The Mighty Kong (battery-op)
Mighty Magee (battery-op)
Mighty Mike (battery-op)
Mighty Robot (battery-op)
Mighty Tiny (b/o talker)
Mike Robot (battery-op)
Mimi (b/o talker)
Mini Cocker Spaniel (battery-op)
Mini Robo Tank (battery-op)
Mischievous Monkey (battery-op)
Miss Friday the Typist (battery-op)
Missile Robot (battery-op)
Mobile Satellite Tracking Station (battery-op)
Mobile Space T.V. Unit with Trailer (battery-op)
Mod Monster Blushing Frankenstein (battery-op)
Modern Bus (battery-op)
Modern Robot (battery-op)
The Monkees (pullstring talker)
The Monkees on the Monkee Mobile (battery-op)
Monkey on a Picnic (battery-op)
Monorail Rocket Ship (battery-op)
Monster Aron (battery-op)
Monster Robot (battery-op)
Montana Mouse (pullstring talker)
Moon Car with Light and Mystery Action (battery-op)
Moon-Detector (battery-op)
Moon Explorer (battery-op)
Moon Explorer M-27 (battery-op)
Moon Express (battery-op)
Moon Patrol (battery-op)
Moon Rocket (battery-op)
Moon Scout Helicopter (battery-op)
Moon Space Ship (battery-op)
Morgan the Talking Robot (b/o talker)
Mork from Ork (pullstring talker)
Mother Bear Sitting and Knitting in Her Old Rocking Chair (battery-op)
Mother Goose (pullstring talker)
Motorcycle Cop (battery-op)
Motorific Action Highway (battery-op)
Motorific Boaterific Boats (battery-op)
Mountain Cable Car (battery-op)
Mountain Special (battery-op)
Mountain Special Express (battery-op)
The Moving Hand (battery-op)
Mr. Al E. Gator, The Amazing (battery-op)
Mr. Atomic (battery-op)
Mr. Baseball Jr. (battery-op)
Mr. Ed (pullstring talker)
Mr. Fox the Magician Blowing Magical Bubbles (battery-op)
Mr. Fox the Magician with the Magical Disappearing Rabbit (battery-op)
Mr. L.E.M. (battery-op)
Mr. MacPooch Taking a Walk and Smoking His Pipe (battery-op)
Mr. Mercury (battery-op)
Mr. Patrol (battery-op)
Mr. Potts (pullstring talker)
Mr. Robot (battery-op)
Mrs. Beasley (pullstring talker)
Mumbo Jumbo (battery-op)
Musical Bank Organ Grinder and Dancing Monkey (battery-op)
Musical Bulldog (battery-op)
Musical Desk Calendar (b/o talker)
Musical Drummer Robot (battery-op)
Musical Jolly Chimp (battery-op)
Musical Marching Bear (battery-op)
Musical Show Boat (battery-op)
Myrtle (pullstring talker)
Mystery Action Car Fire Chief (battery-op)
Mystery Action Mechanized Robot (battery-op)
Mystery Fire Chief Car (battery-op)
Mystery Moon Man (battery-op)
Mystery Piston Action Farm Truck (battery-op)
Mystery Police Car (battery-op)
Nancy Nurse (b/o talker)
Nando Robot Teleconando (battery-op)
Naughty Dog and Buzzing Bee (battery-op)
Neptune Tug Boat (battery-op)
New Ford (battery-op)
New Love Love Beetle-Volks. (battery-op)
New Space Capsule (battery-op)
New Space Station (battery-op)
"Nifty Thrifty" with a Laugh (Gund) (b/o talker)
Nite-Nite Patter (pullstring talker)
No. 61 Cement Mixer Truck (battery-op)
Noma (b/o talker)
Non-Fall Moon Rocket (battery-op)
Non Stop Robot (battery-op)
Non-Stop Space Patrol with Floating Satellite (battery-op)
Nonstop B-Z Vender [sic] (battery-op)
Nutty Mad Indian with War Whoop (battery-op)
Nutty Mads Car (battery-op)
Nutty Nibs (battery-op)
Odd Ogg (battery-op)
Pat O'Neill (battery-op)
Off to See the Wizard (hand puppet pullstring talker)
Off to See the Wizard (Patter Pillow pullstring talker)
Ohio Art Jack in the Box (crank talker)
Ol' McDonald's Farm Truck (battery-op)
Ol' Sleepy Head Rip (battery-op)
Old Fashioned Car (battery-op)
Old Fashioned Fire Engine (battery-op)
Old-Time Car De Luxe (battery-op)
Old Timer (battery-op)
Old Timer Taxi (battery-op)
Ollie the Octopus (battery-op)
Open Sleigh (battery-op)
Outboard Motors, Toy (battery-op)
Overland Express (battery-op)
Overland Stagecoach with Driver and Galloping Horse (battery-op)
PJ (pullstring talker)
Pa Pa Bear (battery-op)
Pat O'Neill the Fun Loving Irishman (battery-op)
Patootie (hard-headed pullstring talker)
Patootie (soft-headed pullstring talker)
Patrol Robot (battery-op)
Patty Cake Sings (b/o talker)
Patty Prayer (b/o talker)
Patty Prays (crank talker)
Peachy and Her Puppets (pullstring talker)
Peanut Vendor (battery-op)
Pedigree talking dolls (pullstring talkers)
Pedigree Wendy (pullstring talker)
Pee Pee Puppy (battery-op)
Pep Talk (pullstring talker)
Peppermint Twist Doll (battery-op)
Peppy Puppy (battery-op)
Periscope Firing Range (battery-op)
Pet Turtle (battery-op)
Peter the Drumming Rabbit (battery-op)
Pettie the Frisky Pup (battery-op)
Photoing on Car (battery-op)
Picnic Bear It Drinks (battery-op)
Picnic Bunny (battery-op)
Pierrot-Monkey Cycle (battery-op)
Piggy Barbecue (battery-op)
Piggy Chef (battery-op)
Piggy Cook (battery-op)
Pink Pussycat (pullstring talker)
Pinkee the Farmer (battery-op)
Pinky the Juggling Clown (battery-op)
Pintel talking toys (pullstring talkers)
Pintel Teddy (pullstring talker)
Pioneer Covered Wagon (battery-op)
Pirate Ship (battery-op)
Pistol Pete (battery-op)
Piston Action Robot (battery-op)
Piston Robot (battery-op)
Planet Robot (battery-op)
Planet-Y (battery-op)
Play Boy (battery-op)
Play Boy Cadillac (battery-op)
Playful Puppy (battery-op)
The Playing Monkey (battery-op)
Playmobile (battery-op)
Pleasant Kappa (battery-op)
Police Command Car (battery-op)
Police No. 5 (battery-op)
Police Patrol Car (battery-op)
Pollux (pullstring talker)
Pom-Pom Gun (battery-op)
Pop Corn Vender [sic] (battery-op)
Popcorn Vendor (battery-op)
Popeye (b/o talker)
Popeye (crank talker)
Popeye and Row Boat (battery-op)
Popeye Oliveoyl Tank (battery-op)
Porky Pig (hand puppet pullstring talker)
Porky Pig (stuffed pullstring talker)
Mr. Potts (pullstring talker)
Power Mite Tools (battery-op)
Pretty Peggy Parrot (battery-op)
Princess French Poodle (battery-op)
Professor Owl the Friendly Teacher (battery-op)
Project Yankee Doodle (battery-op)
Puff-Puff Loco (battery-op)
Puffy Morris (battery-op)
Puppy Patter (pullstring talker)
Push Button Talkie Phone (b/o talker)
Pushmi-Pullyu (pullstring talker)
Puzzled Puppy (battery-op)
Queen Mary (battery-op)
Queen of the Sea (battery-op)
Quick Draw McGraw Moving Target (battery-op)
The Rabbits Carriage (battery-op)
Racing Volkswagen (battery-op)
Radar Robot (battery-op)
Radar-Scope Space Scout (battery-op)
Radar Tank (battery-op)
Radical Robot (battery-op)
Raggedy Ann (pullstring talker)
Rambling Ladybug (battery-op)
Ranch Phone 39R2 (crank talker)
Ranger Robot (battery-op)
Rascal Rabbit (pullstring talker)
Real Talkie Junior Commando Phone (crank talker)
Real Talking Michelle the Star of Full House (b/o talker)
Red Mountain locomotive (battery-op)
Red Riding Hood/The Wolf (pullstring talker)
Redd Foxx/Fred Sanford (pullstring talker)
Regal talking dolls (b/o talker)
Rembrandt the Monkey Painter (battery-op)
Remco Mimi (b/o talker)
Remco Talk 'n Play Bathinette (b/o talker)
Remco Talk 'n Play Feeding Chair (b/o talker)
Remco Talk 'n Play Rocker (b/o talker)
Remote Control Smoking Pa Pa Bear (battery-op)
Remote Driving-Dashboard Control Car (battery-op)
Rendezvous 7.8. (battery-op)
Revolving Flashing Robot (battery-op)
River Boat (battery-op)
Road Roller (battery-op)
Roaring Gorilla (battery-op)
Roaring Lion (battery-op)
Robert the Robot (battery-op)
Robert the Robot (talkbox only)
Roberta (b/o talker)
Robby Space Patrol (battery-op)
Robby the Robot (battery-op)
Robot and Son (battery-op)
Robot Mighty 8 (battery-op)
Robot Space Trooper (battery-op)
Robot with Buzzer (battery-op)
Robotank-Z (battery-op)
Rock 'n Roll Monkey (battery-op)
Rocket Express (battery-op)
Rocket Launching Pad (battery-op)
Rocket Man in Space Armor (battery-op)
Rocking Santa (battery-op)
Rocky (battery-op)
Rodney Rippy (pullstring talker)
Romance Car (battery-op)
Romper Room Talking Telephone (b/o talker)
Rosebud (pullstring talker)
Rotate-O-Matic Super Astronaut (battery-op)
Roto-Robot (battery-op)
Rover the Poodle Bell Ringer (battery-op)
Royal Club (battery-op)
Runner Boat (battery-op)
Saf-T-Saw (battery-op)
Safety First Bicycle (battery-op)
Saggy Baggy Elephant (crank talker)
Sally Says (b/o talker)
Sam the Shaving Man (battery-op)
Sammy Wong the Tea Totaler (battery-op)
Sand Buggy (battery-op)
Santa Bank (battery-op)
Santa on Rotating Globe (battery-op)
Santa Claus (pullstring talker)
Santa Claus on Hand Car (battery-op)
Santa Claus on Reindeer Sleigh (battery-op)
Santa Claus on Scooter (battery-op)
Santa Claus Phone Bank (battery-op)
Santa Fe Diesel (battery-op)
Santa the Bell Ringer (battery-op)
Satellite in Orbit (battery-op)
Satellite Intercepter [sic] (battery-op)
Satellite X-12 (battery-op)
Scooba-Doo (pullstring talker)
Scotch Watch dog (battery-op)
Searchlight Jeep with Artillery (battery-op)
See 'N Say (pullstring/lever talker)
Serenella (b/o talker)
Serpent Charmer (battery-op)
Shaking Antique Car (battery-op)
Shaking Classic Car (battery-op)
Shanghai Bus (battery-op)
Shark High Speed Racer (battery-op)
Shindana talking dolls (pullstring talkers)
Shoe Shine Bear (battery-op)
Shoe Shine Joe (battery-op)
Shoe Shine Monkey (battery-op)
Shooting Bear (battery-op)
Shooting Cowboys (battery-op)
Shooting Gallery Roaring Gorilla (battery-op)
Shooting Gorilla (battery-op)
Shrinkin' Violet (pullstring talker)
Shutter-Bug (battery-op)
Sikorsky Rescue Helicopter (battery-op)
Silver Bell Choo-Choo (battery-op)
Silver Mountain (battery-op)
Silver Mountain Flash (battery-op)
Singin' Chatty Cathy (pullstring talker)
Singing and Talking Angelina
Siren Patrol Car (battery-op)
Sister Belle (pullstring talker)
Sister Look 'n Say (pullstring talker)
Sister Small Talk (pullstring talker with mechanism in torso)
Skin Diver (Cragstan) (battery-op)
Sky Patrol (battery-op)
Sky Patrol Flying Saucer (battery-op)
Sky Robot (battery-op)
Slalom Game (battery-op)
Sleeping Baby Bear (battery-op)
Slurpy Pup (battery-op)
Small Talk family of dolls (pullstring talkers)
Smarty Pants (b/o talker)
Smokey Bill on Old Fashioned Car (battery-op)
Smokey the Bear (pullstring talker)
Smoking and Shoe Shining Panda Bear (battery-op)
Smoking Bunny (battery-op)
Smoking Grand Pa (battery-op)
Smoking Pa Pa Bear (battery-op)
Smoking Popeye (battery-op)
Smoking Robot (battery-op)
Smoking Spaceman (battery-op)
Smoky Bear (battery-op)
Snake Charmer (battery-op)
Snappy the Happy Bubble Blowing Dragon (battery-op)
Sneezing Bear with Lighted Eyes (battery-op)
Sniffy Dog (battery-op)
Sniffy Mint (pullstring talker)
Snow Mobile (battery-op)
Snow White Small Talk (pullstring talker with mechanism in torso)
Somersalty (pullstring talker)
Somersaulting Pup with Bark (battery-op)
Sonicon Rocket (battery-op)
"Sound-a-Rama" Talking Plush Toys (Gund) (b/o talker)
South Pole Explorer B-17 (battery-op)
Space Capsule 5 (battery-op)
Space Car (battery-op)
Space Commando (battery-op)
Space Conqueror (battery-op)
Space Defender (battery-op)
Space Dog (battery-op)
Space Explorer (battery-op)
Space Explorer Ship X-7 (battery-op)
Space Fighter (battery-op)
Space Man (battery-op)
Space Orbi [sic] Tester (battery-op)
Space Patrol 3 (battery-op)
Space Patrol Car (battery-op)
Space Refuel Station in Orbital Flight (battery-op)
Space Robot with T.V. Camera and Screen (battery-op)
Space Robot Car (battery-op)
Space Robot Trooper (battery-op)
Space Rocket Car (battery-op)
Space Scout S-17 (battery-op)
Space Tank (battery-op)
Space Tank with Spinning Ball Cockpit (battery-op)
Space Vehicle with Lighted Satellite (battery-op)
Space Walk Man (battery-op)
Spanking Bear (battery-op)
Sparky Robot (battery-op)
Sparky the Seal (battery-op)
Squirmy Herman the Snake (battery-op)
Squirrel (battery-op)
SSN-571 Nautilus (battery-op)
Stacey (pullstring talker)
Star Strider (battery-op)
Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport (b/o talker)
Steam Roller with Trailer (battery-op)
Steffie (pullstring talker)
Strutting My Fair Dancer (battery-op)
Strutting Sam (battery-op)
Suji walking monkey (battery-op)
Super Blender (battery-op)
Super Susie (battery-op)
Superbuggy (battery-op)
Surrey Jeep (battery-op)
Suzette the Eating Monkey (battery-op)
Suzy Smart (b/o talker)
Swing Tail Cargo Plane Flying Tiger (battery-op)
The Swinger (battery-op)
Switchboard Operator (battery-op)
Swivel-O-Matic Astronaut (battery-op)
T-Bone (pullstring talker)
Tagarela (Brazil) (pullstring talker)
Take a Bow (b/o talker)
Talk 'n' Do Cash Register (b/o talker)
Talk 'n' Do Mobile (b/o talker)
Talk 'n Play Bathinette (b/o talker)
Talk 'n Play Feeding Chair (b/o talker)
Talk 'n Play Rocker (b/o talker)
Talk 'n Tell Conversation Phone (b/o talker)
Talk-N-Tell Talking Telephone (b/o talker)
Talkie Phone (b/o talker)
Talking Alf (b/o talker)
Talking Barbie (pullstring talker)
Talking Brad (pullstring talker)
Talking Buffy (pullstring talker)
Talking Cash Register (crank talker)
Talking Christie (pullstring talker)
Talking Coaster (b/o talker)
Talking Command Console (pullstring talker) see also Repair FAQ
Talking Croupier Roulette (b/o talker)
Talking Donald Duck (Gund) (b/o talker)
Talking FBI Car (crank talker)
Talking Golly (pullstring talker)
Talking Goofy (b/o talker)
Talking Jabber Jeep (battery-op)
Talking Jabber Jeep (talkbox only)
Talking Julia (pullstring talker)
Talking Ken (pullstring talker)
Talking Michelle the Star of Full House (b/o talker)
Talking Mickey Mouse (Gund) (b/o talker)
Talking PJ (pullstring talker)
Talking Plaphone (crank talker)
Talking Play Phone (b/o talker)
Talking Popeye (Gund) (b/o talker)
Talking Ranch Phone (crank talker)
Talking Refrigerator (b/o talker)
Talking Register (crank talker)
Talking Robot (b/o talker)
Talking Santa Claus (Gund) (b/o talker)
Talking Service Center (pullstring talker) see also Repair FAQ
Talking Stacy (pullstring talker)
Talking Stage Coach (Yonezawa) (b/o talker)
Talking Steffie (pullstring talker)
Talking Switchboard (b/o talker)
Talking Tamu (pullstring talker)
Talking Telephone Switchboard (Kamkaps)(crank talker)
Talking Toilet (b/o talker)
Talking Townhouse (pullstring talker) see also Repair FAQ
Talking Trudy (b/o talker)
Talking Walkie-Talkie (b/o talker)
Talking Wall Telephone Bank (crank talker)
Talking Wonder Horse (b/o talker)
TalkyTot (crank talker)
Tama Talker (b/o talker)
Tamu (pullstring talker)
Tandy Talks (pullstring talker)
Tarzan (battery-op)
Tatters (pullstring talker)
Taxi Cab (battery-op)
Teddy Bear Swing (battery-op)
Teddy-Go-Cart (battery-op)
Teddy the Artist (battery-op)
Teddy the Champ Boxer (battery-op)
Teddy the Manager (battery-op)
Telephone Bear (battery-op)
Telephone Rabbit (battery-op)
Telephone Switchboard (battery-op)
Telephone Talking Toddler (b/o talker)
Television Spaceman (battery-op)
Telly Bear (battery-op)
Terry Talker (b/o talker)
That Kid (Hasbro) (b/o talker)
Thunder Jet (battery-op)
Thunder Robot (battery-op)
Thunderbird with Windshield Wiper and Horn (battery-op)
Tickles (b/o talker)
Timey Tell (pullstring talker)
Timmy O'Clock (battery-op)
Tinker Bell Patter (pullstring talker)
Tinkling Trolley (battery-op)
Tiny Chatty Baby (pullstring talker)
Tiny Chatty Brother (pullstring talker)
Toby the Robot (battery-op)
Toby the Robot (talkbox only)
Todos de Fiesta con los Ye-Yes (battery-op)
Toilet Ashtray (b/o talker)
Tom & Jerry (hand puppet pullstring talker)
Tom & Jerry (stuffed pullstring talker)
Tom and Jerry Choo Choo (battery-op)
Tom and Jerry Hand Car (battery-op)
Tom Tom Indian (battery-op)
Topo Gigio (b/o talker)
El Toro (battery-op)
Toy Outboard Motors (battery-op)
Tractor the Mighty Bull (battery-op)
Tractor with Visible Lighted Piston Movement (battery-op)
Traffic Policeman (battery-op)
Traveler Bear (battery-op)
Traveling Monkey (battery-op)
Treasure Chest (battery-op)
Tric-Cycling Clown (battery-op)
Tricky Dog House (battery-op)
Trik-Trak (battery-op)
Trumpet Bunny (battery-op)
Trumpet Playing Monkey (battery-op)
Tubby the Turtle (battery-op)
Tug Boat Neptune (battery-op)
Tug Boat Patter (pullstring talker)
Tugboat with Realistic Noises (battery-op)
Tumbling Bozo the Clown (battery-op)
Tumbling Tank (battery-op)
Turbo Jet Racer (battery-op)
Turn-O-Matic Gun Jeep (battery-op)
Twin Coupled Tramcars (battery-op)
Twin Racing Cars (battery-op)
Twirly Whirly Rocket Ride (battery-op)
Two-Stage Rocket Launching Pad (battery-op)
TV Pay Phone (crank talker)
U.S. Army Bulldog Tank (battery-op)
U.S. Navy Pom-Pom Gun (battery-op)
Uncle Joey (battery-op)
V.I.P. the Busy Boss (battery-op)
Venus Robot (battery-op)
Vertol Helicopter (battery-op)
Vibrators (battery-op)
Volkswagen Sedan (battery-op)
W. C. Fields (Knickerbocker) (pullstring talker)
Walking Bear with Xylophone (battery-op)
Walking Dinosaur (battery-op)
Walking Donkey (battery-op)
Walking Elephant (battery-op)
Walking Kitty (battery-op)
Walking Knight in Armour (battery-op)
Walking Talking Toby Robot (battery-op)
War Path Indian (battery-op)
Washing Bear (battery-op)
Charley Weaver Bartender (battery-op)
Wee-Wee Bonnie Doggie (battery-op)
Wells Fargo Overland Stage (battery-op)
Wendy the Good Witch (hard-headed pullstring talker)
Wendy the Good Witch (soft-headed pullstring talker)
Western Bad Man (battery-op)
Western Express (battery-op)
Western Special Locomotive (battery-op)
Western Style Music Box (battery-op)
Whirlybird Helicopter (battery-op)
Whistling Lighted Piston Locomotive (battery-op)
Whistling Locomotive (battery-op)
Whistling Spooky Kooky Tree (battery-op)
Windy Express (battery-op)
Winkey Eyes Barber Bear (battery-op)
Winky Robot (battery-op)
Winner of the West (battery-op)
Woody Woodpecker (hand puppet pullstring talker)
Woody Woodpecker (stuffed pullstring talker)
Worried Mother Duck & Baby with Voice (battery-op)
X-9 Space Robot Car (battery-op)
The X-91 Futura (battery-op)
The Xylophone Player Fido (battery-op)
Yellow Cab (battery-op)
Yeti the Abominable Snow Man (battery-op)
Yo-Yo Clown (battery-op)
Your Friendly Bartender (battery-op)
Yummy-Yum Kitten (battery-op)
Zeroids (battery-op)
Zoomer the Robot (battery-op)

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