Doll Eye Repair Kit

For all dolls with vinyl heads and independently operating eyes.

Does your Chatty Cathy or other new or classic vinyl-headed doll have insomnia? Cataracts? Is she cross-eyed? Are her lashes getting ratty? This kit gives you the tools to repair these and many other eye problems--it also tells how to identify the different types of hard plastic and how to invisibly repair them, without glue!

The instructions cover removal, repair and replacement techniques for eyes and eyelashes for ALL dolls with vinyl heads made in the last sixty years, including Chatty Cathy. If your doll has a vinyl head and independently operating eyes, this is the kit.

The kit includes:

  • A sixteen-page, professionally written how-to manual
  • Four photos and line illustrations
  • An ounce of liquid vinyl for reinstalling the eyes--enough for EIGHT large Chatty Cathy-sized eyes, or many more smaller ones

The manual takes you step by step through the repair process. No previous repair experience is necessary--it tells you which tools to use, how to avoid mistakes, and how to fix any errors you do make. Just a few of the topics covered are:

  • The different ways to remove eyes--AND which way is the right way
  • How to identify what plastic your doll is made of
  • How to disassemble the eyes once you get them out
  • How to fix fogged eyes, scratched eyes, gouged eyes, rusted eyes, faded eyes, worn eyes, crossed eyes, non-working eyes
  • Where to get original Chatty Cathy eyes and eyelashes and how to install them

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