The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised


mouth of rogue river
gold beach

Fort Miner residents:
F. H. Pratt (left early)
J. (Jerry?) McGuire (left early)
Dr. Holton (left early)
W. S. Winsor (left early)
George Wasson (left early)
John Woodman (besieger)
James Hunt
Edwin Wilson
James Brooking
N. B. Gregory
George Basset "G.S.B."?
Charles Brown
William J. Berry
Alex Sutherland
O. W. Weaver
Kirby "Buck" Miller
J. R. Sevan
Thomas J. Sharp
Sergeant Nash
John Mahoney
S. B. Blake
Mrs. Blake
Dennis Tryon
Isaac Warwick
W. A. Upton
O. W. Weaver
L. S. Myers
A. Derber
Robert A. Forsyth
John Chaduck
G. S. Arnold
I. S. Morrison
Henry R. K. Lockman
James G. Didway
James W. Taggart
F. Cliffton
Thos. Calahan
Seth Merell
Joseph McVay
N. McNamara
Mathew Nolan
Relf Bledsoe
J. M. Lewis
John G. Signor
Joseph Hiester
Charles H. Arnold
E. A Lane
Thomas McCormick
Jas. McVay
George Denef
J. W. Wilkinson
Andrew Hunter
J. M. Alvord
J. C. McVay
David Libbey/Libby
[illegible] Monaghan
Alex Sutherland
R. J. McKnight
James Lowe
L. J. Pierce
Elisha H. Meservey
Dr. G. S. Ramsay
G. H. Abbott
S. B. McCullough
A. W. Sypher
C. Haight
Michael Henry Wells
Michael Riley, wife and child
Adolphe Jette
William Shelley
Joseph Vincent
Adolph Schmaldt

Arrived late, ransomed:
Christina Geisel Edson and daughters Mary and Annie

Arrived late on whaleboat:
Capt. Davis of Coquille