Mattel Hard-Bodied Talker Repair Kit
Includes Chatty Cathy, Charmin' Chatty, Matty Mattel, and fourteen other hard-bodied pullstring talking dolls listed below.

Can Repair Chatty Cathy
Even If You've Never Fixed ANYTHING Before!

I'll show you step by step
how to get Chatty Cathy
(and many other dolls) talking again.

I know what it's like to have your Chatty Cathy suddenly stop talking. The sinking feeling of letting that string go, not knowing if she'll ever talk to you again. The horror of the string breaking off in your hand. The pain of listening to her talk slower until she sounds like Boris Karloff--or speed up until she sounds like the Chipmunks.

But what can you do? She was sealed at the factory. Even if you could open her up without damaging the parts inside, you could never glue her back together without her looking like she had been glued back together.

Until now.

The Next Best Thing to a Magic Wand

You've clicked on this link, so I know that you've wished there was a magic wand to reach inside those dolls and make them work again. I used to wish that--and that's why I started Talky Tina Press. I knew that if I tried I could develop ways to do what was thought impossible--to fix those dolls and toys that people said "can't be fixed."

I Gathered Advice
From Books and the Experts

The books I found had obsolete information--they told me to buy a new torso from Mattel for $2.00. (Maybe you could do that forty years ago.) And the "experts" I talked to told me to use a knife and a hammer to open up Chatty Cathy. Or a saw. I learned very fast that if there was anyone out there doing good work with Chatty Cathy, they were keeping it a secret. I knew there had to be a better way.

Two Years of Research and Testing

So I found the original patent drawings. I tracked down original Chatty Cathy parts manufacturers. I studied plastics engineering. I bought a lot of junk dolls, and I learned from them.

I learned how Chatty Cathy works. I found sources for original-specifications repair parts--and I learned how to make some parts for you that simply weren't available. Now I can show you a way that you can use the properties of Chatty Cathy's plastics to coax her open, and then reseal her in the same way they did at the factory--invisibly.

Doll Repair Secrets Revealed

I also learned that there's no magic in doll repair, of course; it does take a little work. But it doesn't have to be hard work with Talky Tina at your side. I'm offering you everything I learned in a do-it-yourself kit with instructions written for you--the person with no previous doll repair experience.

The Only Do-It-Yourself Kit
With Lots of Parts
and Complete Instructions

I'm not trying to trick you into buying a figure-it-out-yourself packet of parts. I'm not trying to stick you with an hour of grainy, wobbly video. I'm offering you:

  • A forty-two-page, professionally written how-to manual, with
  • Twenty clear photos and crisp line illustrations and:
  • Four governor belts--enough for four dolls!
  • Two chatty rings and two aluminum ferrules--and extras are just a dollar!
  • Twelve feet of white pullstring--enough for four dolls!
  • Two Charmin' Chatty screws--the only kit for Charmin'!

Learn Secret
Factory Assembly Techniques

Now you can invisibly reseal any Chatty Cathy in the same way the factory did, so no one will ever need to know you've opened her up--until you proudly tell them! The instructions lead you, step by step, through the repair process. They tell you how to avoid mistakes. They tell you how to fix any mistakes you do make. Just a few of the topics covered are:

  • How to remove the heads and limbs without damage
  • How to open the torso and reseal it the same way they did at the factory--invisibly, without glue!
  • How to open the talk mechanism without ruining it
  • How to get any original Chatty Cathy talking again
  • How to put the talk mechanism back together again
  • Where to get more parts

All New Information

I'm not offering you a rehashing of old techniques. I'm not trying to sell you a fistful of obsolete photocopies. All these techniques are new. This is all information you won't find anywhere else. Like:

  • The best tools for talker repair
  • Which supplies to use--and which to avoid
  • How to repair damaged torsos on any doll made of the same plastic as Chatty Cathy
  • How to repair scratched records
  • Why you should never use Vaseline or ordinary grease to lubricate talkers
  • Why plastic curtain rings don't work as pull rings
  • How to duplicate the original factory knots when tying on a new pull ring

Instructions for 17 Different Dolls

Mattel used the same talking mechanism, sometimes with a few alterations, in many different dolls. Here's a list of Mattel dolls this kit covers:

  • Chatty Cathy--all original types (not the reproductions)
  • Charmin' Chatty
  • Chatty Baby
  • Tiny Chatty Baby
  • Tiny Chatty Brother
  • Singin' Chatty Cathy
  • Baby Sing-a-Song
  • 1970 Chatty Cathy
  • 1970 Chatty Baby
  • Timey Tell
  • Peachy and Her Puppets
  • Chatty Patty
  • Matty Mattel (with talk mechanism in head)
  • Sister Belle (with talk mechanism in head)
  • Patootie (with talk mechanism in head)
  • Casper the Ghost (with talk mechanism in head)
  • Rosebud (England)

How Can I Offer This Kit for So Little?

Sending your Chatty Cathy to a doll hospital can cost you $50-$100--if you're lucky enough to know one you trust. And that doesn't include shipping and insurance charges. With this kit, you can fix four dolls--that's a $200-$400 value! And since additional parts cost only $2-$4 per doll (depending on what's wrong), the value of the knowledge contained in the instructions is really unlimited!

I can offer this kit for only $24.95 because I publish and distribute it myself. I don't have to share the price of the book with publishers or bookstores. I make the parts, lick the stamps, I sweep up, I answer the e-mails.

Bonus! Order Now!

This repair kit will not be available forever. Mention this offer in the next seven days, and I will include with your order a photocopy of those 40-year-old Chatty Cathy "repair instructions" that tell you to send $2.00 to Mattel for a new torso. These "instructions" are currently being sold on the Internet for $10 and more! A zero dollar value! Mention this offer in the next seven days, and get them free!

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