Halloween Errata

New information has forced me to reject the dates provided by the B. Shackman Company for their catalogs Nos. 70 and 72, pages 12-21 in The Halloween Catalog Collection. Apparently a new numbering series was begun sometime in the 1920s, resulting in those catalog numbers also applying to catalogs of different dates. The words "1932 catalog" at the bottom of pages 12-16 should now read "circa 1916 catalog," and the words "1933 catalog" at the bottom of pages 17-21 should now read "circa 1918 catalog." The B. Shackman paragraph on page 106 should now read:

"B. Shackman & Co., 906 Broadway, New York, New York. 'The Largest Favor House in the World.' 8 7/8 x 11 5/8" softbound catalogs until change to a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" stapled format sometime before the 1940 issue. Our undated catalog No. 70 was dated at circa 1916 due to its World War I references and its proximity to our undated No. 72 catalog, which was dated at circa 1918 by its inclusion of the United States in the 'Flags of the Allies' section. Also in the collection are 38 catalogs 1973-present. Still in business, now in Galesburg, Michigan. See pages 12-21, 35-39, 73-74, 78, 103."

Please also delete the last sentence of the "Vagaries of Fashion" paragraph on page xxiv.

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