Major Matt Mason Talking Backpack Repair Kit

For the repair of Mattel's Major Matt Mason Voice Command Flight Pak.

A complete repair manual--thirty-two pages of professionally written, professionally typeset text covering complete repair procedures, illustrated with seven photos and patent illustrations

Parts: A governor belt, five feet of black "space cord" (the same as for the Jet Propulsion Pak and the Reconojet Pak), a set of cord ferrules

The manual takes you step by step through the repair process. It tells you how to avoid mistakes, and how to fix errors you do make. A few of the topics covered are:

  • How to open the backpack without ruining it
  • What to check for once you get it open--and how to fix it
  • How to put the backpack back together again--invisibly, without glue!
  • Where to get more parts

Information you won't find anywhere else includes:

  • The original backpack patent
  • The best tools for talker repair
  • Which chemicals to use--and which to avoid
  • How to make Liquid Styrene to repair external cosmetic damage and internal structural damage
  • Why using ordinary grease to lubricate talkers can be disastrous
  • How to duplicate original factory pullstring knots

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