The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County News: 1863

    "A MURDEROUS ATTACK AND ROBBERY."--The Jacksonville Sentinel of the 11th says that "a daring and cold-blooded attempt at assassination was made by some inhuman villain upon the person of an Italian miner in his cabin on Rich Gulch on Monday last. The following are the particulars, as related to us: The robber entered the Italian's cabin between the hours of one and two o'clock on Monday morning and immediately attacked him while lying in bed, with a large bowie knife, and at the same time demanding his money. The assassin dealt blows thick and fast, aimed at the miner's throat and breast. The miner, while warding off the blows from the vital parts with his hands and arms as best he could, received a number of severe gashes on the hands and face. On the victim promising to give up his money, the murderer desisted. The Italian then handed over his purse containing $65, with which the villain departed, but apparently not satisfied with the amount he again returned and threatened instant death to the man if he did not 'fork over' all his money. The miner persisted that the purse contained all that he had, and the villain again went grumbling away. The robber wore a mask, and was otherwise disguised. The wounded man says the robber was an American. Dr. Ganung dressed the wounds of the unfortunate man. He reports the wounds as severe, though not dangerous. The Italian is known as a hard-working, economical, honest man."
The Semi-Weekly Union, Yreka, California, February 14, 1863, page 2

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