Battery-Operated Talker Errata/Updates

Just two things:

On Suzy Smart and other DeLuxe Reading talkboxes, the motor spring is often missing--and that includes the talkboxes shown on page 12 of the manual. Here's a photo of an original Suzy Smart spring:

Placement, size and strength of replacement springs aren't critical; they just have to be strong enough to hold the drive tubing against the record.

If DeLuxe Reading talkboxes only work when they're upside down, check the record and leaf spring. In the manual, fig. 6B are springs that push the record against the needle. The record won't "push" easily if there's corrosion on the shaft; the spring won't "push" if it's weakened.

Remove the record and polish and lubricate its shaft. If your spring is screwed in place you can unscrew it, flip it over and replace it.

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