Unsolicited Testimonials

"I got your kit a few days ago! I was able to repair Beany Boy's voice box. He now talks . . . just like my toy did when I was a kid. You were right about how easy the guide book was. I just kept reading it and looking at the box before I did anything. I am the most useless person when it comes to mechanics or fixing stuff but wow, your book was awesome."
Kerry Kleinbergen

"I received my repair kit for Charmin' Chatty Cathy last week and tonight my little Chatty is talking up a storm! Thanks for the great manual!"
Jeannie Wiggins

"The manual arrived today and I have read half of it already. It's great and has some very useful tips. Great work. I have done some repairs in the past, some good some not so good, this manual will be invaluable to me."
Angelo Di Lorenzo

"Thank you very much for all of your precise work. It is invaluable to me."
Jeannie McGary

"Thank you so much for the repair kit! I just got it Friday and finished reading it last night. It's wonderful!"
Rebecca Mataya

"Your book has to be one of the easiest 'how to' books ever written. My mute puppet was worth only $50. But now that it talks it's worth over $200. Thank you for writing such an easy step-by-step book. Your illustrations are also a life saver."
Zach Smothers

"You have made a lot of Mrs. Beasley fans happy!! You are an ANGEL."
Sally Polly

"Thanks so much. I have repaired a few dolls and have really enjoyed doing it! Your instructions are concise and very easy to follow. You're a genius!"
Mark Tripp

"I have been fixing all of my talking Barbie dolls. After the first two or three, it becomes like second nature. I now own the entire line of Talking Barbie dolls & want to repair them all!!"
Lazar M. Otashevich

"Thank you! Your book is FANTASTIC! The step-by-step is clear, precise and perfectly written. Thank you for sharing this invaluable knowledge with those that love our toys! Your book is the best I have ever seen, very descriptive! Impeccable! To hear my girls' voices with such beautiful clarity, I owe you more than these few words!"
Desiree Little

"I purchased a repair kit sometime ago and would like to thank you very much. I was able to fix two Mrs. Beasley dolls with great success."
Sue Coggan

"I recently bought your excellent book from you on how to fix Chatty Cathys and other Mattel talking dolls, which has proved absolutely invaluable and is very well written. We've found it concise, each procedure well defined--it really was a wonderful buy!"
Joanna Woodhouse

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