A Catalog History 1875-1965

Prepared for the toy sewing machine lover, this collector's guide is the first ever to reprint so many TSM catalog listings, culled from thousands of toy catalogs, presented in chronological order. It's also the first with actual hard data about the marketing of classic TSMs, along with--for the first time--a tabulation of girls' letters to Santa Claus asking for sewing machines between 1900 and 1965.

Within the pages of Toy Sewing Machines: A Catalog History 1875-1965 you'll find:

  • 231 illustrations reproduced from 275 vintage toy catalogs, 1875-1965:
  • Four pages before 1910
  • Six pages 1910-1930
  • Eight pages 1930-1950
  • Fourteen pages 1950-1960

Forty-three pages of illustrations in all, showing and dating over 300 different toy sewing machines, including common (and uncommon) machines' many variations in bases, decals and power sources. For the first time you'll know which variation came first, which machine influenced which later machine, and how long they remained on the market.

Listings were drawn from trade magazines, general magazines, and nearly complete collections of wholesale and retail catalogs from Sears, Wards, Aldens, Spiegel, Bennett Brothers, John Plain, Gellman Brothers, Butler Brothers, B. Shackman, N. Shure, Levin Brothers--and many catalogs you've never heard of!

New information about how wholesalers marketed toy sewing machines, and the first general history of the toy, including:

  • When girls started asking Santa for TSMs--and when and why they stopped
  • Proof the name on a TSM had little correspondence with the name on the factory
  • Evidence many TSMs never did work, even as they left the factory
  • And much more!

The brief history of the TSM is fully referenced and footnoted to inspire your further research. Every catalog listing is solidly dated and referenced, printed in full and in chronological order. Captions below the illustrations tell what other catalogs the machine appeared in, and when. For the first time, you'll be able to assign hard dates to your TSMs--when they were introduced to the market and when they faded from view. Toy Sewing Machines: A Catalog History 1875-1965 will help you uncover your collection's historical significance as you view each item in context with the TSMs that influenced it and the TSMs that it influenced.

8½x11 inches, 46 pages, saddle stitched.

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