Battery-op Errata/Updates

There aren't any errors to report so far, but several people have written asking for a source for replacement plush "hair" or "fur" for battery-ops. I'm afraid I don't have very good news:

That type of rayon plush just isn't being made anymore. In the 1970s toy manufacturers started switching over to the thicker, more realistic polyester plush, though some 1970s toys from China still used the rayon.

Even if you did find a store with some old stock of rayon plush, I don't think it'd be the same, thin stuff used on toys. The stuff found on mechanical toys isn't strong enough or thick enough to sew plush animals from; I suspect it was woven exclusively for gluing onto toys.

Your best bet, as usual, is to salvage plush from junk mechanical (b/o and windup) toys. Occasionally you can find an eBay listing with clear enough pictures to recognize the kind of plush you need, but swap meets are a better source. Plush mechanical toys tend to go cheap.

You can dye rayon to match the original with an all-purpose dye like Rit.

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