The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised


Her Sixtieth Birthday.
    Last Friday, March 13th, Mrs. Hiram Tripp celebrated her sixtieth birthday. A number of friends were invited to dine with the lady, and while she is sixty years old she has not forgotten how to prepare a dinner well fitting such an occasion, which repast will not soon be forgotten by those who were present. After dinner a few hours were pleasantly spent in singing. There were also a number of choice selections of violin and organ music. Mrs. Tripp received a number of presents, they being linens, silver, glass and china ware. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brand, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hagey, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. L. G. Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Willeke, Master Frank Brand, Bessie and Frank Willeke, Verna Hagey and Harry Porter.
Medford Mail, March 20, 1896, page 4

New Additions to Medford Platted.
    J. U. Willeke owns eight acres of as good land as there is in East Medford--but he will not own it long. He has platted the entire tract into good-sized dwelling lots and is now offering them for sale through the W. T. York real estate agency. The tract faces East Seventh Street and extends from there to Bear Creek, and in all comprises thirty-five lots. These lots vary in depth from 120 to 170 feet, but none are less than fifty feet in width. Mr. Willeke has laid out one street, running north and south along the east side of his addition, and this he has christened "Tripp Street"; he has also extended Almond Street, on the west side of the addition, and has opened East Eighth and Ninth streets, running east and west across his addition.
    This is unquestionably one of the best home-building localities now left within the incorporate limits of the city of Medford. The soil is the very best, and the location cannot be beaten. Already several of the lots have been spoken for, and it is not improbable that inside of thirty days all will be sold.
Medford Mail, March 3, 1905, page 1

    Hovering between life and death, John U. Willeke, a mining man, who resides at 618 East Main Street, lies at the Sacred Heart Hospital today suffering from a concussion of the brain sustained when an automobile he was driving skidded at the corner of Main and Genessee Thursday afternoon, plunging into the curb and an electric light pole.
    Mr. Willeke was only running at a fair rate of speed when the accident occurred, the west pavement being responsible for the trouble. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated. He has an even chance to live according to reports today.
    The auto was badly damaged.
Medford Mail Tribune, March 14, 1913, page 7

    A majority of the Southern Pacific freight house force has been taking a hospital course this week. Ray Cole, however, is able to be at his post again. Frank Willeke, assistant baggageman, is still confined to his home with the grippe.
"Local and Personal," Medford Mail Tribune, January 10, 1916, page 2

    Frank Willeke, a well-known local man, died at Salem, Oregon, February 25th, 1930, aged 38 years. He was born at Pendleton, Oregon, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Willeke, 618 East Main Street. Deceased had resided in Medford for the past thirty-four years.
    Funeral services will be held at the Perl Funeral Home, Thursday at 2:00 p.m., Rev. D. E. Millard officiating. Interment in Medford cemetery. He leaves his parents and one sister, Miss Bessie Willeke.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 26, 1930, page 3

    Ella Clara Willeke, pioneer resident of Medford, the family home being 16 Tripp Street, passed away July 4 at her home. Mrs. Willeke was born at Muskegon, Mich., August 11, 1857.
    Tripp Street was named for her father, the late Hiram Tripp, one of Medford's earliest pioneers.
    Ella Clara Tripp was united in marriage to John Willeke at Pendleton in 1888, and they moved to Medford in 1896.
    Two children were born to Mrs. Willeke, one of whom, Miss Bessie Willeke of Medford, survives.
    Funeral services will be conducted from the Perl Funeral Home Saturday at 3:30 p,m., with the Rev. Harry Hansen, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, officiating. Interment will be in Medford I.O.O.F. cemetery.
Medford Mail Tribune, July 5, 1946, page 12

    Notice is hereby given that under and by virtue of an order of the above entitled court made on the 29th day of May, 1948 in the above entitled matter, the undersigned as guardian of the estate of Bessie Willeke, an incompetent person, will sell at private sale for cash, lawful money of the United States, and subject to confirmation of said court, all of the right, title, estate and interest of said Bessie Willeke in and to the following described real property in the city of Medford, Jackson County, Oregon, to wit:
    The south 70 feet of Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, Willeke's Addition to the city of Medford, Jackson County, Oregon.
    Said sale of real property will be made at the office of the First National Bank of Portland on or after July 9, 1948.
    Dated June 8, 1948.
    The First National Bank of Portland, guardian of estate of Bessie Willeke, an incompetent person.
Medford Mail Tribune, June 10, 1948, page 3

    Recovering--Mrs. L. F. Belknap is recovering at her home on Route 4 from a recent illness. She is under the care of Miss Bessie Wilkie.
"Local and Personal," Medford Mail Tribune, July 1, 1949, page 5

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